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Pinkeye leaving mark on cows

Pinkeye leaving mark on cows

Clint Thompson

University of Georgia

Back to school means more potential outbreaks for pink eye, a bacterial disease also called conjunctivitis. Thanks to increased rainfall this summer, pinkeye is also affecting the cattle industry.

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Tech in beef industry

Tech in beef industry

Ivan Rush

TriState Livestock News

As we look to the future and consider the predictions of population growth throughout the world, it raises questions on how food will be produced. Some continue to stress the needs to go back to the basics and feel many technological advances are a detriment to the environment while others feel we must adapt technology if we will have an ample affordable food supply for the world population.

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MU researcher tells value of timed breeding of cow herd at field day

MU researcher tells value of timed breeding of cow herd at field day

High Plains Journal

Cow herd breeding that took three weeks of intensive labor has been cut to three hours. Jordan Thomas, University of Missouri graduate student, reviewed breeding history for farmers touring Greenley Center Field Day, Aug. 6.

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Lots of Variables in Zilmax Ban’s Long-Term Impact

Lots of Variables in Zilmax Ban’s Long-Term Impact

Katie Micik


Sales in the U.S. and Canada of feed additive Zilmax will be temporarily suspended, Merck & Company’s animal health division announced Friday.

The announcement followed Tyson Foods Inc.’s move to suspend purchases of cattle fed Zilmax as of Sept. 6. The Tyson decision caused futures markets to spike Thursday, Aug. 8, but the long-term impact on prices depends on a number of variables, experts say.

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Many Factors Affect Availability, Price of Hay

Many Factors Affect Availability, Price of Hay

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Hay is in short supply and very expensive this year in many parts of the country, especially in the West and Southwest where drought is extensive. Peter Robinson, extension specialist at the University of California–Davis, says most of California has been in a drought situation for several years.

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Every Living Thing Is A Genetic Defect Carrier

Every Living Thing Is A Genetic Defect Carrier

Jared E. Decker


Here’s the bitter pill. Every living thing – including you – carries a large number of broken genes. In humans, on average, we carry one broken, lethal copy and one normal copy of about 20 genes.

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Halt in Zilmax sales fuels demand for rival cattle feed product

Halt in Zilmax sales fuels demand for rival cattle feed product

Tom Polansek and P.J. Huffstutter


Merck & Co’s decision to suspend sales of its Zilmax cattle feed additive has caused such a surge in demand for rival Eli Lilly & Co’s Optaflexx that Lilly is telling some new customers it cannot immediately supply them, customers told Reuters.

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