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A bull buyer’s guide to cattle producers

A bull buyer’s guide to cattle producers

Greg Bowman

Calhoun Times

Gordon County is home to a tremendous number of cattle and cattle operations. We estimate there is easily over 10,000 brood cows locally. Hopefully, all of those cows are raising a calf every year to help ensure that cattle operation stays profitable.

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Improving forage quality to increase milk or beef production

Improving forage quality to increase milk or beef production


Better soils lead to better forage, improved animal health, higher milk quality and larger milk yield. “Soil fertility is the foundation to Integrated Livestock Cropping System [and] works to enhance the flow of nutrients within the biological system,” said Cynthia A. Daley, Ph.D., Organic Dairy Program Professor at California State University.
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State helped beef plant with millions

State helped beef plant with millions

Scott Waltman

Aberdeen News

While both Northern Beef Packers and the state’s certified beef program have had sluggish starts, a partnership between the two is still a possibility, a state ag official said.

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