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Three Cautions When Grazing CRP

Three Cautions When Grazing CRP

Aaron Berger

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

The USDA is expected to release Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres in several counties for grazing due to ongoing drought conditions.

Eligible producers who are interested in grazing CRP under the emergency authorization, and current CRP participants who choose to provide land for grazing to an eligible livestock producer, must first request approval through the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) to graze eligible acreage and obtain a modified conservation plan from the NRCS that includes grazing requirements.

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D.C. area police take two days to catch a pregnant cow

D.C. area police take two days to catch a pregnant cow

Jess Zimmerman


Fairfax residents, apparently unaccustomed to roaming farm animals, thought the pregnant cow was a rampaging bull and placed several panicked calls to police over the two days that Flossie ran free. To be fair, apparently the cow was pretty hormonal and was acting aggressive

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Introduction To DNA Testing In Beef Cattle

Introduction To DNA Testing In Beef Cattle

B. Lynn Gordon


Dr. Matt Spangler, Associate Professor and Extension Beef Cattle Specialist at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, visited with Lynn Gordon, SDSU Extension Beef Field Specialist after his presentation at the Genomic Seedstock Symposium, held June 27-28th in Sioux Falls, SD. The event was sponsored by SDSU Extension and the SD Beef Breeds Council.

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Beef Producers Trying to Produce Healthy Choices for Everyone, Roberts Says

Beef Producers Trying to Produce Healthy Choices for Everyone, Roberts Says

Oklahoma Farm Report

Forrest Roberts, the chief executive officer of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association wears two hats: one when he represents the policy side of the organization on behalf of its members and, two, when he represents the checkoff organization side working with the federation of state beef councils and as a major contractor for the Beef Checkoff.

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Wild Livestock? Don’t Blame The Cattle !

Wild Livestock? Don’t Blame The Cattle !

Jesse Bussard

Beef Producer

If you have read some of my recent blogs you know I am a strong advocate for learning and using low-stress stockmanship methods when handling cattle. Three examples of these blogs are here, here and here.

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Straightbreeding Vs. Crossbreeding – Both Can Equal Success

Straightbreeding Vs. Crossbreeding – Both Can Equal Success

Troy Marshall


If you want to improve stayability, longevity and lifetime production of the cow, it can be done – with straightbred animals or with crossbred animals. But it’s simply easier and more cost effective to do it with a crossbred female.

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Fauquier farmers improving water quality

Fauquier farmers improving water quality

Kipp Hanley

Fauquier Times

Beef cattleman Wayne Hauter said spending money on fencing and other stream protective ideas helps not only waterways like Carter Run but improves the health of his cattle

Because of the upfront costs, doing the right thing environmentally doesn’t always seem to make sense for those looking to grow a business.

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