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Business Basics Build Success for Family of Cattleme

Business Basics Build Success for Family of Cattlemen

Karl Wolfshohl


Mark Hazard offers the same advice to young ranchers that he and his dad have followed for decades: Build wealth while you’re young. Enjoy it later.

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SD farmer awarded $1 million in fraud case

SD farmer awarded $1 million in fraud case


A Parkston, S.D., farmer has been awarded more than $1 million against a former Watertown, S.D., cattle seller for misrepresenting the origin of a shipment of cattle to his farm.

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Beef Connection System Helps Producers Maximize Genetic Expression for Greater Profitability

Beef Connection System Helps Producers Maximize Genetic Expression for Greater Profitability

Oklahoma Farm Report

Bob Sand is an Angus cow-calf operator, but he is also the owner of the Beef Connection. He says it is all about trying to dramatically improve the return on investment for cattle producers. He says that he wants them to prosper and be more sustainable at the same time.

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Safety Starting Pre-Harvest

Safety Starting Pre-Harvest

Elizabeth Fuhrman

National Provisioner

Cattle producers need a variety of tools in their pre-harvest toolbox to aid in food-safety interventions. Carcass wash, typically a reference to food-safety interventions that take place after the hide has been removed, has shown some recent improvements. The addition of bromine to carcass-wash systems is one.

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Farmed fish exceeds beef worldwide

Farmed fish exceeds beef worldwide

Cherry Creek News

The world quietly reached a milestone in the evolution of the human diet in 2011. For the first time in modern history, world farmed fish production topped beef production.

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Ranching Evolution or Ranching Revolution

Ranching Evolution or Ranching Revolution

Johann Zietsman and Jaime (Jim) Elizondo Braun have taken that dual purpose premise to the logical extreme. Their selection methods utilizing the best adapted genetics with ultra high density grazing has resulted in much higher profitability per acre while greatly improving the land. Now, for the first time in the U.S., Johann and Jim will be teaching these concepts.

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Micro-Minerals Important to Bull Fertility

Micro-Minerals Important to Bull Fertility

Troy Smith


Conscientious cattle managers put considerable effort into managing cow herd nutrition. That includes making sure brood cow and replacement female diets meet requirements for various nutrients, including minerals.

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New Report Shows How To Grow Beef Demand

New Report Shows How To Grow Beef Demand


Price, food safety and product quality are the most important demand drivers on which the beef industry should focus to have the most compelling effects on beef demand in the long term. Other key drivers include health, nutrition, social aspects and sustainability.

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Is That A Copper Deficiency?

Is That A Copper Deficiency?

Elaine Grings


Seeing a reddish hue on the coat of a black cow in late winter, it’s not unusual to wonder if that shade is normal or is due to a copper deficiency. Low forage copper and high levels of molybdenum in forage and sulfates in water are common in the Northern Great Plains, therefore you may be right to wonder.

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Beef the way nature intended

Beef the way nature intended



Dennis Dorney is a cattle farmer who’s ahead of the curve.

He raises beef the way nature intended.

Fifteen years ago, long before grass-fed beef became the rage, he began raising 100-percent, grass-fed cattle on the family’s 250-acre farm in Lehigh County.

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