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Vintage Video: Cattle Ranching: “Herds West” 1955

Vintage Video: Cattle Ranching: “Herds West” 1955

“Shows production of beef from the grasslands of the range to the feeding barns near big Western cities.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Bovine Tuberculosis

Frequently Asked Questions about Bovine Tuberculosis

The Stock Exchange

The diagnosis of four herds infected with bovine Tuberculosis in the first 5 months of 2013 is an reminder that all dairy and beef cattle producers should understand what they can do to reduce the risk of disease in their herd.

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Organized Crime and Lowdown Deception

Organized Crime and Lowdown Deception

Carol Hutchison

The Cattleman

On his way to the East Texas Livestock Market in Crockett, Walter Rainbolt tried for the life of him to figure out why cows from his Marquez ranch had sold there. It’s a sale barn he never used, because it’s too far away.

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Tips for Hay-Making Agreements

Tips for Hay-Making Agreements

Andrew Frankenfield

Beef Today

Not sure how to come up with a fair price for your neighbor making your hay? Here are some things to consider.

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Forage allowance determines stocking

Forage allowance determines stocking

Ryan Reuter


In grazing enterprises, forage allowance is a key management variable. Forage allowance is defined as the amount of forage dry matter available to an animal. It can be expressed on a per animal basis, but we have found it useful to express it as a ratio to an animal’s body weight. For example, we talk about targeting a forage allowance of 2.5 pounds dry matter per pound of animal body weight.

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BQA video series on cattle transportation available

BQA video series on cattle transportation available

High Plains Journal

The transportation of cattle to and from farms and marketing facilities is an important part of dairy and beef production, and plays a critical role in the health and welfare of cattle.

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Too Much Protein A Problem With Dairy And Beef Producers

Too Much Protein A Problem With Dairy And Beef Producers

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

At Alltech’s annual meeting in Kentucky this week I’ve been in several sessions where dairy topics were more prevalent than beef topics. Nonetheless, I found some interesting science about the negative effects of high-protein diets.

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Patent issued for beneficial animal ‘candy’

Patent issued for beneficial animal ‘candy’

Kansas State University

A U.S. patent has been granted to a Kansas State University-developed "candy" that stimulates the growth, health and reproductive functions of cattle, bulls and other livestock.

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So You Want A Career in Agriculture

So You Want A Career in Agriculture

Dr. Victor L. Martin

Great Bend Tribune

Let’s take the opportunity to shift gears from crops to our most important agricultural resource – people. Specifically, let’s take a look at the people out in the fields and feedlots performing the day-to-day operations vital in producing food, fiber, and fuel.

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Cattle producers urged to test for bovine trichomoniasis

Cattle producers urged to test for bovine trichomoniasis

High Plains Journal

The Colorado Department of Agriculture reminds cattle owners to test their herd for bovine trichomoniasis. As of May 29, there are four positive trich locations in four Colorado counties: Costilla, La Plata, Las Animas, and Park counties.

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