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More Bad News for Eastern Livestock Execs

More Bad News for Eastern Livestock Execs

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Criminal convictions continue to mount for the former head of bankrupt Eastern Livestock Company, Thomas Gibson. A U.S. District Court in Kentucky has now convicted the former cattle broker of mail fraud as part of a check-kiting scheme that hurt cattlemen and businesses across the country.

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Widespread use of anti-parasite drugs is reducing their value

Widespread use of anti-parasite drugs is reducing their value

The Economist

The root of the problem is what Dr Kaplan refers to as “global worming”—giving drugs prophylactically to all livestock rather than reserving them for use as a treatment when an animal actually becomes infested. It is common sense, of course, to try to prevent infestation rather than merely treating it once it has arisen.

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The Facts about Zilmax™ for Market Show Steers and Market Show Heifers

The Facts about Zilmax™ for Market Show Steers and Market Show Heifers

Jason Cleere Ph.D.

Texas AgriLife Extension

Competition is tough at junior livestock shows across the U.S. and cattle exhibitors are always looking for ways to gain that “extra edge” needed to be competitive in the show ring. Many products are available that contain any combination of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, fat, etc. and all claim they can help improve the nutritional status of your market steer or market heifer.

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Senator Johanns wants answers from the EPA

Senator Johanns wants answers from the EPA

Jeannine Otto


“EPA must now explain how it will ensure the already-released private information is not abused,” said Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., a former U.S. secretary of agriculture under former President George W. Bush.

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Top Ten Political Issues Facing Agriculture

Top Ten Political Issues Facing Agriculture

Boyce Thompson


Asked why she had recently left her job as deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture after four years, Kathleen Merrigan noted that she was just one of many deputy secretaries who had left the administration recently. "Why?" she asked. "Because it’s a hard job."

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Cull Breeding Stock Carefully

Cull Breeding Stock Carefully

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

In the 1980s, Desert Ranch in Florida collected data on thousands of cows’ reproductive performance relative to age. The data noted consistent rebreeding performance through age 8 with a small decline from 8 to 10 years of age.

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When it comes to beef, how local is “local?”

When it comes to beef, how local is "local?"

Ryan Delaney

North Country Radio

The steaks stacked in the coolers of New York supermarkets and butcher shops may be marketed as local, but just what that label means varies widely. The state actually has no definition for classifying whether beef sold under that label is locally produced.

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