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Marketing healthy cattle

Marketing healthy cattle

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

Seedstock producers market genetics as bulls and replacement females to their customers, while commercial cattlemen market calves or yearlings with growth potential to their customers. One area all cow-calf producers have in common is that buyers of their cattle are interested in the health of their purchases.

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Cornell genetic testing process cuts costs by up to 75 percent

Cornell genetic testing process cuts costs by up to 75 percent

Brett Wessler

Bovine Veterinarian

A genomics technique previously used to analyze corn has been applied to cattle by an assistant professor at Cornell University, cutting the cost of a genetic profile from as much as $150 to $40 or less.

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Poor Forage A Challenge for Some Beef Producers

Poor Forage A Challenge for Some Beef Producers

Beef Producer

In the Western half of the U.S., beef producers are struggling with moisture conditions that haven’t seemed to improve much from summer 2012 drought conditions.

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Relief for Oklahoma cattle ranchers after tornado

Relief for Oklahoma cattle ranchers after tornado

Caitlyn Gribbin


Cattle ranchers in the tornado-devastated state of Oklahoma say they’re grateful to have avoided the worst of the destruction.

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Controlling flies on cattle

Controlling flies on cattle

Chris Milam

The News Democrat Leader

Warmer weather brings more pest problems. Horn flies and face flies are key pests of cattle in Kentucky. Both species breed in fresh pasture manure piles but present very different threats and management problems. Fortunately, there are a variety of fly control options.

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Irradiated beef not the solution to food safety

Irradiated beef not the solution to food safety

Southwest Booster

Irradiation is a process by which a food product is exposed to high doses of radiation to kill bacteria, parasites, and mold. In the U.S. three types of ionizing radiation are permitted: gamma rays, high-energy electrons and X-rays.

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Livestock marketing rule changes hit snag

Livestock marketing rule changes hit snag

Eric Brown

Greeley Tribune

The first major changes in livestock marketing rules in more than 90 years may have to wait a little longer, following a setback in Washington last week for the multi-year efforts to change how meatpackers do business with farmers and ranchers.

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Purina Offers Tips To Make The Most Of Summer Pasture

Purina Offers Tips To Make The Most Of Summer Pasture


Managing a pasture through the summer requires planning. A managed pasture can help keep cows in proper body condition and prevent summer lulls in pasture performance.

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Neogen launches comprehensive cattle genomic test

Neogen launches comprehensive cattle genomic test


Neogen Corporation announced recently the development of a new genomic test that offers the beef cattle industry an unprecedented level of information on the genetic potential of individual animals.

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‘Oreo cows’ members of oldest bovine breed

‘Oreo cows’ members of oldest bovine breed

Paula Bryant

The Gazette-Virginian

When motorists pass by Hospitality Farms, often they do a double take. Some even turn around to see if their eyes have deceived them.

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