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Baxter Black:  Veterinary Profession: Thoughts for Discussion

Baxter Black:  Veterinary Profession: Thoughts for Discussion

I’ve been pondering the state of veterinary medicine in the new millennium.

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Accidental Breeding With a No-EPD Bull

Accidental Breeding With a No-EPD Bull

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

My neighbor’s bull got in with a couple of my heifers and bred them. They have no EPDs on the bull, so I want to abort. How long after aborting can I rebreed?

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Bad spring for late calving

Bad spring for late calving

 Jonathan Knutson


Like some other area ranchers, John Chute, an Aitkin, Minn., cattle producer, delays his spring calving to take advantage of what’s normally better weather in April and May. This year, however, the strategy backfired for Chute and other late-calving ranchers.

“It’s come back to bite me,” he says

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We all agree. Sort of

We all agree. Sort of

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

The gap between animal-agriculture and consumer perceptions of food production continues to grow, and we need to communicate better with the general public. Most participants at last week’s Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholder Summit would agree with that statement. But once the discussion shifted to specific messages and methods for addressing that perception gap, the opinions were, well, less in alignment.

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Neogen develops new beef cattle genomics test

Neogen develops new beef cattle genomics test

Lincoln Journal Star

Neogen Corp. announced the development of a new genomic test that it said offers the beef cattle industry an unprecedented level of information on the genetic potential of individual animals.

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Anaplasmosis Prevention in Beef Herds

Anaplasmosis Prevention in Beef Herds

The Morning Sun

Anaplasmosis can be a costly disease to beef cattle producers. Anaplasmosis is caused by a blood-borne organism that destroys red blood cells and causes severe anemia, weakness, fever, lack of appetite, depression, lower milk product.

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Ted Conover Goes Undercover as a USDA Meat Inspector

Ted Conover Goes Undercover as a USDA Meat Inspector

Harper’s Magazine

“Splash enough chemicals on and you can call anything safe.” So a meat inspector tells journalist Ted Conover, indicating how food safety will be handled if proposed government cuts take inspectors out of poultry plants.

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An update on the use of urea in feedlot diets

An update on the use of urea in feedlot diets

Irene Ceconi, Alfredo DiCostanzo, and Grant Crawford

The Prairie Star

The symbiosis that occurs between ruminal microorganisms and the ruminant animal allows the latter to use plant materials as the main source of food.

The existence of this symbiosis implies that when deciding what and how much feed we will deliver to the bunk, not only animals’ but also microorganisms’ requirements have to be taken into consideration.

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No Meat in School

No Meat in School

Cheryl Day

Beef Today

On May 1, the first day of Beef month, I read a fellow aggie’s social media post of a Wall State Journal’s Headline

"NYC elementary school adopts all-vegetarian menu"

As a mom, I shook my head

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Low Cattle Prices Have Time to Rebound

Low Cattle Prices Have Time to Rebound

Andy Eubank

Hoosier AG Today

Although finished-cattle prices that were expected to increase this year for producers remained low in the first quarter, Purdue Extension agricultural economist Chris Hurt said increases could be on the horizon.

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