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BeefTalk: If Baby Rabbits Can Survive Snow, So Can Calves

BeefTalk: If Baby Rabbits Can Survive Snow, So Can Calves

Kris Ringwall, Extension Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

After the last blast of snow, the snowbanks were starting to thaw when I noticed a small baby rabbit. The rabbit, fresh from the nest, was nibbling on the available grass and doing fine.

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Calf Implants: Use/Don’t Use At Grass Time?

Calf Implants: Use/Don’t Use At Grass Time?

Jim Krantz

The Stock Exchange

While the performance benefits of implanting calves through the suckling phase is well documented, many cattlemen choose not to employ this management practice in their operations. Some who market their calves at weaning or as back-grounded calves believe it reduces buyer willingness to bid as much for similar-quality implanted calves as those that did not receive an implant.

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Meet Red Angus Juniors in Montana

Meet Red Angus Juniors in Montana

Join the fun, meet new friends and explore Red Angus in eastern Montana with the National Junior Red Angus Association (JRA).

The 2013 Junior Red Angus Association Round-Up is set against the Big Sky Country backdrop and will feature tours of Red Angus ranches, beef research facilities and the Midland Bull Test. Juniors will also compete in national contests and participate in fun activities.

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Is there really a benefit with delayed implanting?

Is there really a benefit with delayed implanting?

Feedlot Magazine

For years, feedyard managers have discussed whether it was easier on high stress calves to delay implanting. The idea was these calves were hit with so much at processing, was it beneficial to give their bodies time to adjust before implanting?

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Breed the Herd in One Day

Breed the Herd in One Day

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

For brothers Phil and Jim Ham, heat synchronization is not negotiable. They breed 350 cows and heifers using AI for at least one service, and say it’s a job they wouldn’t want to attempt without synchronization.

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Ranchers Work to Keep Calves Alive

Ranchers Work to Keep Calves Alive

North Dakota Ag Connection

Heavy spring snowstorms have created hardships for North Dakota cattle herds and caretakers. Most ranchers have moved away from cow herds calving during the winter to avoid the cold and snow. However, this year’s late-winter weather has ranchers working day and night to keep newborn calves alive.

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Predicting Tenderness, Lasting Color in Meat

Predicting Tenderness, Lasting Color in Meat

Sandra Avant

Angus Beef Bulletin

If superior beef tenderness isn’t enough to whet your appetite, a system that predicts both beef and pork tenderness, as well as color stability in both meats, may be something you can sink your teeth into.

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Beginning with the end in mind: Cattle Marketing

Beginning with the end in mind: Cattle Marketing

Beef Cattle 101

The spring calving season is near completion and producers have a few management decisions to address in the near future based on the intended marketing option.

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Rethinking heifer development

Rethinking heifer development

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

During the recent conference of the Academy of Veterinary Consultants, Trey Patterson, PhD, who is COO of Padlock Ranch Company, Ranchester, Wyoming, outlined the ranch’s systems approach toward developing replacement heifers.

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Northern Beef Plant Laying Off 108 Employees

Northern Beef Plant Laying Off 108 Employees


A northern South Dakota beef processing plant says it’s laying off 108 of its 420 employees until it can raise enough money to buy more cattle.

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