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SDSU Students Host Bull Sale

SDSU Students Host Bull Sale

South Dakota Ag Connection

A well-known proverb suggests "There’s no substitute for experience" Students in the Beef Seedstock Merchandising class offered through SDSU’s Animal Science Department can readily agree.

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Uniform Cattle Increase Profit Potential

Uniform Cattle Increase Profit Potential

Angus Beef Bulletin

John Simons ranches with his family near Enning, S.D., where they’ve focused on reducing variability in their Angus-based cow herd for the last 20 years.

“If your calves all look the same, they’re just a pretty package,” he says. “Pretty sells.”

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Don’t Hire People To Work

Don’t Hire People To Work

Ranching for Profit Blog

Most of us hire people to work.  We write job descriptions telling them to do this or that.  But what people do and how long or hard they work is not important.  It is only the means to the end.  The end is the results they produce.  

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Will we ever see vaccination against cattle worms?

Will we ever see vaccination against cattle worms?

Mike Smith

A February edition of the journal Science reports on the slow, disappointing progress in creating a vaccine  to control the human disease schistosomiasis, which the World Health Organization considers the second most devastating parasitic disease in the underdeveloped world, second only to malaria.  If such a critical worm vaccine for humans is coming “only at a snail’s pace,” as the author complains, then what progress can we expect on the perennial question for cattle producers: Are we ever going to see a vaccine that will work against the common cattle worms?

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Genetic bootstraps

Genetic bootstraps

Miranda Reiman


Each time you buy a bull, keep a heifer or cull a cow, you choose a future for your herd and, collectively, for a beef industry that is either blessed or burdened with high prices.

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Pinkeye appearing in Arkansas cattle

Pinkeye appearing in Arkansas cattle

Delta Press

Reports of pinkeye are popping up and Arkansas cattle producers need to watch their herds closely.

Pinkeye, or Moraxella bovis, is usually acute and spreads rapidly in a herd. Left untreated, it can result in blindness in one or both eyes. Pinkeye is reported most frequently in young animals, but can affect cattle of any age.

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Effect of nutrition on pregnancy in heifers and young cows

Effect of nutrition on pregnancy in heifers and young cows

Heifer Pro

How much does nutrition impact the reproductive rates of cattle? According to Dr Rick Funston, UNL Beef Reproductive Specialist, “The nutritional status of animals is difficult to measure, and this complicates interpretation of nutrition x reproduction interactions.

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FDA warns of misinterpretation of antimicrobial-resistance data

FDA warns of misinterpretation of antimicrobial-resistance data

Bovine Veterinarian

Recently, the Environmental Working Group issued a report of its interpretation of the 2011 Retail Meat Annual Report of the National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS). While FDA is always concerned when we see antimicrobial resistance, we believe the EWG report oversimplifies the NARMS data and provides misleading conclusions.

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Idaho rancher, 85, calls farming a ‘nostalgic’ pursuit

Idaho rancher, 85, calls farming a ‘nostalgic’ pursuit



Growing up in a small town in northern Utah, Tom Geary always knew he was made to be a farmer.

As he grew older, all of his friends became farmers, which influenced him even more.

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ND Senate passes animal cruelty bill; House to take it up

SD Senate passes animal cruelty bill; House to take it up

TJ Jerke


A bill to beef up penalties for people who harm animals has one last hurdle before it is sent to Gov. Jack Dalrymple for his signature.

Senate lawmakers passed Senate Bill 2211 on Tuesday by a 43-3 vote. The bill is before the House, which will have to agree to the changes.

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