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Belle Fourche Livestock Exchange: Under new management after 36 years

Belle Fourche Livestock Exchange: Under new management after 36 years

Carrie Stadheim

Tri-State Livestock News

Lynn Weishaar announced to consignors, buyers and others in attendance at Belle Fourche Livestock Exchange’s regular Thursday sale that after spending 36 years auctioneering at Belle Fourche Livestock Exchange for Dean and Eileen Strong, their journey has come to an end.

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Indianapolis to host National Junior Angus Show

Indianapolis to host National Junior Angus Show

The Cattle Business Weekly

Indianapolis, Ind., will be welcoming junior Angus members and families from across the nation in 2014 as it hosts the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS). The week-long event is set for July 6 – 12, 2014. Besides cattle shows, the week encompasses a variety of other junior activities.

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Forage Research Reveals Native Benefits

Forage Research Reveals Native Benefits

Meg Henderson

Cattle Today

Studies at Mississippi State University are finding that when it comes to providing forage for livestock, native grasses may be best.

Sam Riffell, an associate professor of wildlife ecology and management in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture, is examining the benefits of replacing exotic grasses, commonly used in Mississippi grazing pastures, with native, warm-season grasses.

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Grass Tetany Risks

Grass Tetany Risks

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

The risk factor for grass tetany in spring-calvers is higher, but can be offset with minerals.

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Alternative Therapies Gain Acceptance

Alternative Therapies Gain Acceptance

Troy Smith

Angus Beef Bulletin

If you’re a cow-calf producer whose breeding program requires multiple bulls, you know that bulls will fight among themselves. A certain amount of bellowing, pawing of dirt and jostling around is to be expected.

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Water Challenges & Strategies For The Future Of Ranching

Water Challenges & Strategies For The Future Of Ranching

B. Lynn


The drought of 2012 in the Midwest brought the issue of water to the forefront for agricultural producers. However, a group of producers and industry advisors working with the King Ranch® Institute, Kingsville, TX, which is associated with Texas A&M University, have been studying the issue of water and recently completed a white paper: ‘Agricultural Water: Protecting the Future of Our Nation’.

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Profit Tip: Condition Score Cows Early

Profit Tip: Condition Score Cows Early

Dr. Rick Rasby, University of Nebraska

Body condition scores (BCS) describe the relative fatness of a cow through the use of a nine-point scale and is an effective management tool to evaluate nutritional status of the herd. The body condition scoring system allows producers to visually assess their cow herd using a number system that objectively describes the amount of condition or fat reserve of an animal.

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Commentary: More cardiac concern

Commentary: More cardiac concern

Dan Murphy 


A new study purports to demonstrate that the reason consumption of red meat seems to increase the risk of heart disease is not due to the presence of saturated fat and cholesterol.

One is tempted to say, “Duh!”

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Grass Tetany coming, new information on follicle reserves

Grass Tetany coming, new information on follicle reserves

By Ivan G. Rush

Tri-State Livestock News

Assuming good grass growth I am concerned that the incidence of grass tetany may be greater this year because of the lack of old grass leaving little for the cow to graze other than young and tender new growth. This is an additional reason, other than range sustainability, to delay turnout this year.

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USDA starts new program to track farm animals

USDA starts new program to track farm animals



The federal government has launched a new livestock identification program to help agriculture officials to quickly track livestock in cases of disease.

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