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My Beef With Temple Grandin: Seemingly Humane Isn’t Enough

My Beef With Temple Grandin: Seemingly Humane Isn’t Enough

Psychology Today

Temple Grandin is an icon, an "anthropologist on Mars" as she aptly puts it, in a book of the same name by renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks whom I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a few months back. We did not talk about Dr. Grandin but we chatted about a wide ranging number of topics including if nonhuman animals (animals) hallucinate.

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3 Brave Thinkers Who Transformed Livestock

3 Brave Thinkers Who Transformed Livestock

Beef Today

The livestock handling and meat processing industries have transformed because of the work and commitment to the industry of these three leaders.

To say that agriculture has experienced change since the inception of Top Producer is a gross understatement. The 30 brave thinkers we have chosen to represent the dramatic changes during the past three decades have all left big footprints on production agriculture.

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The 8 Most Common Genetic Mistakes

The 8 Most Common Genetic Mistakes

American Cattleman

More Is Not Better: We can all do the math. +100 is more than +90 on yearling weight. On milk, +30 is more than +20 and that means more pounds to sell at weaning, right? However, these EPD’s only measure output – not profit. Profit is output minus cost.

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Iowa farmers face liability with tour groups

Iowa farmers face liability with tour groups

Becca Habegger


Farmers are finding themselves forced to crack down on tour groups in light of a recent Iowa Supreme Court decision.

In February, the court ruled something called the Iowa Recreational Use Statute does not shield a Fayette County farmer from liability. That’s in a 2010 incident where a woman fell from the farm’s hayloft and injured herself while chaperoning her daughter’s field trip.

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Experts advise caution in entering beef industry in times of high prices

Experts advise caution in entering beef industry in times of high prices

Eric Brown

Greeley Tribune/Individual.com

Cattle prices have recently hit record highs, are expected to climb even higher this year and could stay up beyond 2013, leading some industry experts to understand why the cow-calf business could be appealing.

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Meat packers say Obama administration labeling rules will cripple industry

Meat packers say Obama administration labeling rules will cripple industry

Ben Goad

The Hill

The U.S. meat industry is joining with the Canadian government in opposing proposed labeling regulations that they say would shutter beef packing plants and cripple the industry across North America.

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Add Value To Baled Hay With Recutter

Add Value To Baled Hay With Recutter

Dan Undersander

Hay and Forage Grower

Bale recutters, available on round and square balers the past few years, cut the hay being baled into shorter lengths. Also called precutters, they add cost to the baler, require additional horsepower to operate and take some additional maintenance.

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