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BeefTalk: Where Are the Elders?

BeefTalk: Where Are the Elders?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Deal with the living and care for the dying. If one is in the business of caring for living things, then one always should approach the day with the understanding that the goal is life, not death.

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Cattle’s Ability to Digest Forage Critical to Nutrition

Cattle’s Ability to Digest Forage Critical to Nutrition

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

For cattle producers, particularly those producing cattle on pasture and forages, the animal’s ability to digest fiber is critical to its access to the nutrients necessary for life and normal performance.

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Putting Pounds on Fast, on a Budget

Putting Pounds on Fast, on a Budget

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

To put 350 to 400 pounds on his stocker cattle in just five months, John Shore has to get the nutrition right. That generally means a 14.7% protein ration of primarily soy hull and corn gluten pellets, along with either rice hulls or cottonseed hulls.

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Prep Calves to Respond

Prep Calves to Respond

Kim Holt

Angus Beef Bulletin

A preventative herd health program, including proper and timely vaccination, is a beef operation’s best insurance policy against production losses and disease. But producers still need to do their part to make sure this insurance policy can work to the best of its ability.

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Keeping Score

Keeping Score

Ranching for Profit Blog

Baseball’s spring training is here.  As the players review the fundamentals and sharpen their skills, let’s do a little spring training of our own.

In ranching there is no transparency and most of the records we keep are a waste of time.  Records are a waste of time for two reasons. First we measure the wrong thing (productivity not profitability).

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Uniform cattle increase profit potential

Uniform cattle increase profit potential


John Simons ranches with his family near Enning, S.D., where they’ve focused on reducing variability in their Angus-based cowherd for the last 20 years.

“If your calves all look the same, they’re just a pretty package,” he says. “And pretty sells.”

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Weather Forecast Tools for Newborn Livestock

Weather Forecast Tools for Newborn Livestock

Laura Edwards

South Dakota AG Connection

This week’s winter-like weather is a reminder that cold and wet conditions during calving season can be dangerous. A little bit of preparation and watching the weather forecast can avoid the most lethal situations for calves during their first 24 hours after birth.

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Five tips for synchronization success

Five tips for synchronization success

Heifer Pro

Sometimes it seems there is nothing simple about synchronization protocols used for artificial insemination (AI). However it is critical that they are followed EXACTLY to ensure that producers have a successful AI breeding season.

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A Legal Twist In The Effort To Ban Cameras From Livestock Plants

A Legal Twist In The Effort To Ban Cameras From Livestock Plants



For years, undercover videos documenting animal cruelty at farms and slaughterhouses have cast the nation’s meat and dairy farmers in a grim light.

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Tallying up calving season highs, lows

Tallying up calving season highs, lows

Iowa Farmer Today

he calving season is in full swing for many spring calving cow herds.

Hopefully in a month or so, calving season will be over and then off to spring and summer pastures.

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