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Video Feature: Livestock Transport

This episode of the Beef Research School looks at research and initiatives in the area of livestock transport.

Spring Storms and Cold Stress on Cattle

Spring Storms and Cold Stress on Cattle

Warren Rusche

South Dakota AG Connection

Cold stress with cattle is often associated with below zero temperatures, especially in South Dakota. In reality, cattle that are adapted to the cold conditions found in northern plains winters can function and perform well under a wide range of conditions.

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Is custom heifer raising for you?

Is custom heifer raising for you?

Heifer Pro

This article can be used for both Dairy and the Beef Industry.

The trend of increasing number of cows per farm has prompted many producers to examine the need to provide more labor for the milking herd. This may mean additional work hours per day, increased labor force to handle the extra workload or perhaps recognizing that a custom grower would be able to take over the heifer-raising responsibility.

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Livestock producers should watch for, control poison hemlock

Livestock producers should watch for, control poison hemlock

Jennifer Stewart

AG Answers

While poison hemlock isn’t likely to be as prominent a problem this year as it was in last year’s drought-stressed pastures, Purdue Extension specialists still encourage livestock producers to be on the lookout for the toxic plant.

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Beef industry loses valuable forecasting tool

Beef industry loses valuable forecasting tool

Kim Souza

The City Wire

While beef packers like Tyson Foods and Cargill were spared any major setbacks from meat inspector lay-offs following the federal sequestration budget cuts, they did lose a forecasting tool when the U.S. Department of Agriculture suspended its July Cattle Report.

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Assess Forages And Cattle Before Drought Threatens

Assess Forages And Cattle Before Drought Threatens

Hay and Forage Grower

Eastern Corn Belt livestock producers should prepare for poor weather by taking lessons from last year’s drought.

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Youth Livestock Shows Returning To Va. State Fair

Youth Livestock Shows Returning To Va. State Fair


The Virginia Farm Bureau says youth livestock shows are returning for the 2013 State Fair of Virginia.

Officials say the 4-H and Future Farmers of America youth livestock shows are set to take place during the fair in October.

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