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Focus on Efficient Handling Facilities

Focus on Efficient Handling Facilities

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

When it’s time to update or add handling facilities, put efficiency high on the priority list.

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The Case Against Genetics

The Case Against Genetics

The Ranching for Profit Blog

Moments ago I read the following in a popular industry magazine: “…given the multiple challenges you face that are beyond your control—drought, rising feed and fuel costs, escalating land values—genetic selection may be the single most important component of your operation that you control.”

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Profitability Starts with Genetics

Profitability Starts with Genetics

American Angus Association

At one point or another, many cattlemen wonder:  Do all black-hided calves bring the same price on sale day? How much emphasis do buyers put on the genetic value of those calves?

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Spring storm could cause significant calf loss in SD

Spring storm could cause significant calf loss in SD


The storm’s cold, wet and windy conditions will potentially cause significant losses to their calf crop, says Warren Rusche, South Dakota State University Extension cow-calf field specialist.

“This is the worst kind of weather to calve in,” Rusche says. “In wet, cold, windy conditions like this, it doesn’t take much to lose a newborn calf.”

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Beef farmers experimenting with ‘hodge-podge’ of breeds

Beef farmers experimenting with ‘hodge-podge’ of breeds

Heidi Clausen

The Country Today

Paul and Terri Lorees’ beef cattle herd is very much a work in progress.

The Lorees, who bought their Washburn County farm in 2004, continue to experiment with various breeds, including Pinzgauer, Charolais, Hereford, Angus and Simmental.

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Heifer development begins with sire selection

Heifer development begins with sire selection

Martha Blum


Replacement heifer selection begins when sires are chosen for the cowherd.

“Eighty-five percent of the genetic makeup of cowherds is contributed to sire selection,” said G. Allen Bridges, assistant professor at University of Minnesota.

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Cattle health, forage featured at field day

Cattle health, forage featured at field day

Bruce Schultz

Delta Farm Press

More than 125 people from 19 parishes attended the Acadiana Cattle Producers Field Day March 9 at the LSU AgCenter Iberia Research Station with presentations on cattle and forage research.

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