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Planning for Temporary Feeding Areas

Planning for Temporary Feeding Areas

Beef Today

As farmers and ranchers begin to plan for the upcoming grazing season, you may want to consider temporarily confining cattle or cow-calf pairs if the drought continues and pastures are not adequate to support livestock.

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Make plans for no rain this spring

Make plans for no rain this spring

Rick Rasby

Angus Journal

You are probably tired of hearing about drought. It is on the minds of many cattle producers. The question is: How long will the drought last? Cow-calf producers are trying to decide whether to liquidate all or part of their herd if there is no rain this spring.

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Tips on Managing Forage, Water, and Cattle Resources

Tips on Managing Forage, Water, and Cattle Resources

B. Lynn Gordon


Burke Teichert, Orem, UT is no stranger to the beef industry. He was employed for many years in a management role with AgReserves (which consisted of Dessert Ranches, Rex Ranch, and several other large ranching enterprises).

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UT offers workshops for local beef farmers

UT offers workshops for local beef farmers

Leaf Chronicle

Summer is just around the corner and consumers will once again seek fresh local products from farmers markets. More and more they are seeking to supplement their vegetables and fruit with fresh, locally produced beef products.

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The Next Real Estate Bubble: Farmland

The Next Real Estate Bubble: Farmland

Blake Hurst

The American

Farmers have been taking on mounting debt, creating an unsustainable increase in land prices and risking a crash that would ripple through our economy.

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Beef Demand Will Determine Supply-Side Price Strength

Beef Demand Will Determine Supply-Side Price Strength

Wes Ishmael 


Notwithstanding the surge in cattle markets this week, folks are still wondering how much upside exists in near-term markets.

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Spring Grass Not Ideal For Cows Or Pasture

Spring Grass Not Ideal For Cows Or Pasture


Grazing early spring pasture growth won’t give cows the nutrients they need – and can harm later forage growth, says Justin Sexten, a University of Missouri (MU) beef nutritionist. He says there’s little quality or quantity to be had at that time.

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