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Baxter Black, DVM: Spousal Training

Baxter Black, DVM:  Spousal Training

One of the most important things in the success of a marriage is spousal training. Many stories exist when a “cowboy type” (male or female) marries someone with an urban upbringing.

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Managing health of newborn calves

Managing health of newborn calves

Ken Olson

Tri-State Livestock News

Calving season is upon some producers, and will be coming soon for others. While this is the most exciting time of year for most as they usher newborns into the world, it can have its dark side as well when sickness and death occur. Of course, calf scours is a primary threat.

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Beef Producers Learn Finer Points of Bull Selection

Beef Producers Learn Finer Points of Bull Selection

Cattle Today

Purchasing a bull can be a difficult and sometimes expensive proposition for a beef cattle producer. However, ranchers got an inside look at how to overcome some of these challenges at a recent workshop held in College Station by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

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One calving season versus two calving seasons

One calving season versus two calving seasons

Joplin Regional Stockyards

The beef industry has seen a “down-sizing” due to the drought affecting many cow herds. Much has been written and spoken about the need to “rebuild the cow herd.” When the return of good moisture allows for adequate forage growth and pasture conditions to improve, ranchers may need to self-examine their operations and look at breeding season alternatives that provide greater sustainability moving forward.

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Southeast Iowa cattle herd thriving on sawdust-based feed

Southeast Iowa cattle herd thriving on sawdust-based feed

The Gazette

While it’s not quite spinning straw into gold, Bob Batey is converting sawdust from his lumber mill into nutritious and palatable feed for his cattle.

When Batey fills his feed bunks with the 70 percent sawdust ration, his cows eat it like candy, plunging their faces into it and licking their lips.

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Meat Conference 2013: Meat Trends

Meat Conference 2013: Meat Trends

Beef Cattle News

Many of the products at today’s tasting reception at the Annual Meat Conference exemplified hot trends in the meat category.

For instance, presenters mentioned that consumers are looking for high-end products and affordable products, but not much in-between.

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Cattle shortage hitting industry

Cattle shortage hitting industry

Garden City Telegram

Years of drought are reshaping the U.S. beef industry with feedlots and a major meatpacking plant closing because there are too few cattle left in the United States to support them.

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Iowa farmer’s cattle devour sawdust mixture

Iowa farmer’s cattle devour sawdust mixture

Omaha World Herald

A southeast Iowa farmer has come up with a surprising solution to the high cost of cattle feed.

Bob Batey, an 85-year-old Mount Pleasant-area farmer, said his 50 cattle devour the sawdust mixture he feeds them.

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Temperament Plays Key Role in Cattle Health

Temperament Plays Key Role in Cattle Health

Sandra Avant


U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and university scientists have found that cattle temperament influences how animals should be handled, how they perform and how they respond to disease.

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Beef Producer Says Linebreeding Gives Him Consistency

Beef Producer Says Linebreeding Gives Him Consistency


Mark Hannan figured out a long time ago that closely bred cattle give more consistent performance.

He learned that from the extensive use of Jersey dairy cattle in his East Texas dairy.

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