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Feeding First-Calf Females After Calving

Feeding First-Calf Females After Calving

University of Nebraska

Calving season has either started or is just around the corner. Although first-calvers represent your future brood cows, they require more labor, higher quality feeds, and they reward your efforts by weaning the lightest group of calves in the herd.

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As Cattlemen president, Powell man unites dairymen and beef producers

As Cattlemen president, Powell man unites dairymen and beef producers


Powell Tribune

If the first week in office is any indication, it’s going to be a whirlwind year for Scott George, president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

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Beef demand versus consumption, explained

Beef demand versus consumption, explained

Polly Ruhland


Demand is not consumption. Now I’m no economist – that’s the disclaimer right up front – but I will tell you beef demand is commonly confused with beef consumption, although the two are very different.

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BeefTalk: The Cow Business is Very Positive

BeefTalk: The Cow Business is Very Positive

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The cow-calf business continues to see positive returns, according to the North Dakota Farm Management Program (http://www.ndfarmmanagement.com). Although 2009 was not a great year for beef producers, 2010 was and 2011 was even better.

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Why US Beef Prices Are Climbing — and the ‘Green’ Connection

Why US Beef Prices Are Climbing — and the ‘Green’ Connection

Niki Bradley


Many cattle ranchers in the US say their cattle—and, in many cases, their businesses—are literally living “from rain to rain.” While this situation seems to be getting very little attention in the media, it is extremely serious for both ranchers and the consumers who enjoy their products.

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Analysts Anticipate A 6.2% Feedlot Inventory Decline

Analysts Anticipate A 6.2% Feedlot Inventory Decline

Steve Meyer & Len Steiner


USDA’s monthly Cattle on Feed report is expected to confirm that feedlot supplies are much smaller than in 2012. The trend in placements will be something to watch as feedlots and producers struggle with high feeding costs but also higher feeder supplies outside of feedlots.

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February and March tasks for productive pastures

February and March tasks for productive pastures

Rusty Evans

The Leaf Chronicle

Even though very little growth is occurring in pastures and hayfields across the state, late winter and early spring are critical times for the productivity of these fields says Gary Bates, director of the University of Tennessee Beef and Forage Center.

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Americans Losing Appetite For Beef

Americans Losing Appetite For Beef

The Cattle Site

Growing health concerns about beef and tax increases have lead to a drop in consumer beef demand, which is forecast to dip further.

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Beef demand governs cattle prices

Beef demand governs cattle prices

Emery Tschetter

Black Hills Knowledge Network

The outlook for cattle and beef prices in 2013 and 2014 is decidedly bullish when examining the supply side factors, says Darrell R. Mark, Ph.D., in his Feb. 18, iGrow.org Cattle and Corn Comments. Mark is an Adjunct Professor of Economics, South Dakota State University.

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Beef Quality Still Lacking For This Consumer

Beef Quality Still Lacking For This Consumer

Beef Producer

Tuesday morning I got an email about beef quality from my supervisor and good friend, Dan Crummett.

He just read an article on beef demand in another publication and said he felt compelled to make some comments.

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