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Making the most of colostrum for newborn calves

Making the most of colostrum for newborn calves


The Prairie Star

Although the message was aimed at dairy producers attending Dairy Cow College, Dr. Gerald Stokka’s advice on getting the proper amount of colostrum into a newborn calf as soon as possible pertains to beef produces as well.

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Research evaluates rewarming methods for cold-stressed newborn calves.

Research evaluates rewarming methods for cold-stressed newborn calves.

Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Canadian animal scientists compared methods of reviving hypothermic or cold-stressed baby calves. Heat production and rectal temperature were measured in 19 newborn calves during hypothermia (cold stress) and recovery when four different means of assistance were provided.

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Improved Reproductive Performance = Better Profits

Improved Reproductive Performance = Better Profits

The Cow Vets (NZ)

It is no secret that reproductive performance has one of the biggest impacts on farm financial performance. Making improvements in your herd’s reproductive performance to make more money should be your key motivating factor, not being forced to by the changes to the induction rules that will only let you induce 4% of the herd next season.

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Harsh weather affects performance

Harsh weather affects performance


Farm Progress

Poor cattle performance can be attributed more to muddy conditions, harsh wind and wet resting areas than to low air temperature. All animal types and sizes must have adequate wind protection. Natural brush offers good protection. Properly designed windbreak fences and open-front sheds supply adequate protection but involve a cost.

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Senators Urge U.S. Trade Rep to Resolve Russian Ractopamine Ban

Senators Urge U.S. Trade Rep to Resolve Russian Ractopamine Ban

Beef Cattle News

The senators called the trade restriction, which jeopardizes more than half a billion dollars in U.S. exports, an “egregious trade barrier with no scientific merit” and accused Russia of violating World Trade Organization rules.

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Transportation, stress and cattle health

Transportation, stress and cattle health

Bovine Veterinarian

cattle truck Transportation of cattle is a common practice and may influence the risk of subsequent calf health and performance.

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Cattle disappearing amid drought signals beef rally

Cattle disappearing amid drought signals beef rally

Elizabeth Campbell

Delaware Online

Bill Donald, the third-generation owner of Cayuse Livestock Co., sold the calves he raised early last summer and cut purchases of cattle after pastures dried up. The herd grazing his land now is about 85 percent of normal.

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Strong Demand Exists Overseas for High-Quality Genetics

Strong Demand Exists Overseas for High-Quality Genetics

 Kansas City Info Zone

As middle class populations continue to grow around the world, many consumers begin asking, “Where’s the beef?”

Not only has the growing middle class contributed to record beef exports for large beef producing states such as Kansas, it has also resulted in many foreign countries striving to build domestic beef production, according to J.J. Jones, Kansas Department of Agriculture marketing and trade director.

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Classes Offer Farmers Production Cost Advice

Classes Offer Farmers Production Cost Advice

The Cattle Site

“It’s been a long time since beef producers had this good of a chance of off-setting their production costs,” said Dr. Monte Rouquette, Texas A&M AgriLife Research forage scientist.

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Splendor of the Grass: The Zaca Ranch Cattle Co.

Splendor of the Grass: The Zaca Ranch Cattle Co.


Santa Barbara Independent

This Brahma is a lot of bull, with horns that look like they could open a car like a tin can, but also droopy ears that make him look like an oversized goat.

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