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Baxter Black, DVM:  My New Horse And Tom

Baxter Black, DVM:  My New Horse And Tom

I traded for a new horse a while back.  He’s a buckskin, 11 years old by his teeth, no papers, 15 hands and sound.

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Cost of an old cow

Cost of an old cow

Heather Gessner

Joplin Regional Stockyards

Last fall during the large calf and cow sale runs, one of the sale barn crew members stated that “It would be easier to find an albino skunk in Haakon County than a broken mouth cow.” That statement hit me as good management coming off of a drought year and the potential for another drought coming.

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Iowa State cow-calf specialist ready to work with beef industry

Iowa State cow-calf specialist ready to work with beef industry

Iowa State University

Growing up on an Indiana diversified crop and livestock farm and having the opportunity to become involved in the beef industry early in his life helped create Patrick Gunn’s passion. Showing cattle and being actively involved in 4-H and state junior beef associations shaped the passion.

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Cattle-feeding technology increasing beef supplies

Cattle-feeding technology increasing beef supplies


Beef production, however, has not fully reflected changes in cattle numbers. While declining slightly in 2011 and 2012, year over year, beef production received a boost from the increased rates of cow slaughter, more imported cattle, and bigger animals.

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Cows need adequate nutrition in winter before calving time

Cows need adequate nutrition in winter before calving time

Emily Adams

Coshocton Tribune

The late winter to early spring timeframe is an important time to provide adequate nutrition for cows that will be calving. This also can be a challenging time of year to feed cattle when profitability is a goal for your operation.

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How do cows pass the time?

How do cows pass the time?


I love cows, farms, ranches and humor. And I’m thrilled with the fact that there are ranchers and farmers in the area still raising cattle. When driving by a pasture full of cows, I wonder what they’re thinking while they’re staring at me.

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Cold winter means paying extra attention to thin cows

Cold winter means paying extra attention to thin cows

AG Canada

There is a combination of factors challenging cattle producers this year. December was considerably colder than normal, and this colder weather has prompted a heavier-than-usual hair coat on many cattle.

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Dystocia – Cattle

Dystocia – Cattle

Wiki Vet

Dystocia refers to abnormal or difficult birth.

It is expected to occur in about 10-15% of first-calf heifers and in 3-5% of mature cattle. In cattle the most common cause is foeto-maternal disproportion, but faulty disposition is also often to blame.

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Eastern Oklahoma Beef Cattle Summit Set for March 26

Eastern Oklahoma Beef Cattle Summit Set for March 26

Oklahoma Farm Report

Cattle producers wanting to increase their awareness about trends in the beef industry that promote profitability should register now to attend the March 26 Eastern Oklahoma Beef Cattle Summit in McAlester.

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The Whole View Is Best For Beef Producers

The Whole View Is Best For Beef Producers

Jesse Bussard

Fodder for Thought

Last week I began sitting in on a class at Montana State University focused on holistic thought and management principles.

Over the past few months I have slowly been reading my way through Allan Savory’s book, Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making, so this opportunity could not have come at a better time. I am looking forward to learning from holistic educators like Cliff Montagne and Roland Kroos.

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