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BeefTalk: Have You Done the Annual Ranch Enterprise Analysis?

BeefTalk: Have You Done the Annual Ranch Enterprise Analysis?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Time is ticking away, so in the world of biology, plants are starting to wake up and livestock know that spring is coming. Call it hormones, increasing daylight, warmer weather or simply the calendar, agriculture is living biology. Biology operates under a very set process governed by rules that producers did not make.

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Emergency forage for spring pasture

Emergency forage for spring pasture

John Jennings

University of Arkansas

Drought damage lingering from last summer is forcing many producers to think about emergency forages for spring pasture or hay. If winter annuals such as wheat, rye, or ryegrass were planted last fall, then managing to increase yield of those forages would be the best option.

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Impact of Increased Beef Exports to Japan Will be Huge, USMEF Chief Says

Impact of Increased Beef Exports to Japan Will be Huge, USMEF Chief Says

Oklahoma Farm Report

The United States beef producer has a strong advocate in Phil Seng. He is the president and CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation. In his early years with the organization in the 1980s he was the country director for Japan.

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Dystocia and weak calves

Dystocia and weak calves

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

Dystocia can lead to hypoxia and acidosis, and calves with acidosis have been shown to be more likely to have failure of passive antibody transfer (FPT) from colostrum, apparently due to decreased ability of these calves to absorb antibodies, says Amelia Woolums, DVM, PhD, MVSc, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ACVM.

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Cattle Raisers Group offers training and education to ranchers

Cattle Raisers Group offers training and education to ranchers

Gilmer Mirror

The 19th Annual School for Successful Ranching will take place March 21-23 during the Cattle Raisers Convention in Fort Worth.

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Auction: Final exam for bull ranches

Auction: Final exam for bull ranches

Rob Sabo


Patience is a key element of the bull-raising business.

Northern Nevada cattlemen who raise bulls and heifers for herd replacement typically don’t see the fruits of their labor for up to three years, says Dwight Joos, general manager of Genoa Livestock in the Carson Valley.

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Implant High-Risk Calves On Arrival

Implant High-Risk Calves On Arrival

Burt Rutherford       


Just like that old Fram oil filter commercial, it’s a case of paying for it now or paying for it later. In the case of high-risk cattle, paying for it now turns out to be the much better option, says Chris Reinhardt, Kansas State University (KSU) Extension feedlot specialist.

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Cattle farmers expecting normal year after drought

Cattle farmers expecting normal year after drought

Dan Davis


Cattle numbers tumbled to their lowest level since 1952 after last year’s record drought across much of the nation.

The impact was felt in the Hoosier state, too, where the U.S. Department of Agriculture said beef numbers dropped by 18 percent since 2007. Last year, the state lost 2 percent of the herd, or about 4,000 beef cows.

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What Are Our Consumers Telling Us?

What Are Our Consumers Telling Us?

Kindra Gordon

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

There are three important T’s to consider when the beef industry communicates with consumers, said John Lundeen, senior executive director of market research at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA).

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Why beef is losing its flavor

Why beef is losing its flavor

Kim Peterson

MSN Money

Feedlots have begun giving cattle a new drug with a curious side effect: It makes steaks less flavorful and juicy, Slate reports. But the drug, Zilmax, helps cattle bulk up on muscle in the last few weeks of their lives — which brings in more money for feedlot owners.

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