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Baxter Black, DVM:  Your Own Worst Enemy

Baxter Black, DVM:  Your Own Worst Enemy

It usually happens when you’re by yourself. You’re trying to load a bunch of cows in the one-ton. It should hold twelve head but with four to go, they plug up!

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Will a difficult delivery of a calf affect rebreeding of the cow?

Will a difficult delivery of a calf affect rebreeding of the cow?

Glenn Selk


In addition to being the greatest cause of baby calf mortality, calving difficulty markedly reduces reproductive performance during the next breeding season. Cattle suffering from calving difficulty have been reported (Brinks, et al. 1973) to have pregnancy rates decreased by 14% and those that did become pregnant to calve 13 days later at the next calving.

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Zoetis Closes Initial Public Offering

Zoetis Closes Initial Public Offering

South Dakota AG Connection

Zoetis, formerly the animal health business unit of Pfizer Inc., announced the closing of its previously announced initial public offering.

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Five major trends that pose a threat to American farming

Five major trends that pose a threat to American farming

Hembree Brandon

Delta Farm Press

“The social contract that agriculture has had with the American people to produce a good, abundant, healthy food supply has been turned against us since the publication of ‘Silent Spring,’” says Washington attorney Gary Baise

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NCBA Working to Clear Impasse with Russia Over Ractopamine Standard

NCBA Working to Clear Impasse with Russia Over Ractopamine Standard

Oklahoma Farm Report

At the 2013 Cattle Industry Convention there’s been a lot of discussion regarding Russia’s ban of beef and pork imports from the United States over the issue of ractopamine.

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“The Rest of the Story” on the Super Bowl ad

“The Rest of the Story” on the Super Bowl ad

JoAnn Alumbaugh

Bovine Veterinarian

You’ve heard a lot about “So, God made a farmer” – the ad during the Super Bowl, but you may be interested in “The rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey would have said. Surprisingly, the story begins in 1940.

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Distillers-Based Feedlot Diets Require Less Roughage

Distillers-Based Feedlot Diets Require Less Roughage

Cheryl Anderson


Cattle producers feeding a distillers grains-based ration can reduce the amount of roughage because of distiller’s high fiber content.

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U.S. Cattle Numbers Continue Free-Fall

U.S. Cattle Numbers Continue Free-Fall

Hay & Forage Grower

The size of the U.S. cattle herd continues to shrink, according to a USDA Cattle Inventory report released Feb. 1.

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Animal disease traceability picks up the pace

Animal disease traceability picks up the pace

Elizabeth Fuhrman

National Provisioner

States continue to develop and implement an efficient and cost-effective animal disease traceability (ADT) system. This is not an easy task, especially for the beef cattle industry, because of the distribution of cattle in a wide variety of herd sizes.

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Four Beef Quality Assurance Awards Presented

Four Beef Quality Assurance Awards Presented

Agri Marketing

This week, two producers were honored with the checkoff’s annual national Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) award and Dairy Beef Quality Assurance (DBQA) award, created to recognize outstanding beef and dairy producers from across the country who incorporate BQA principles as part of the day-to-day activities on their operations. One individual was also recognized with the BQA Marketer Award, and one individual received the BQA Educator Award.

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