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Bovatec®, Rumensin® ingestion

Bovatec®, Rumensin® ingestion

Jan Swan Wood

Tri-State Livestock News

Nearly every ranch or farm operation has multiple types of feed around the place. There will be sacks with feed in it for the horses, some for the light calves, some for a steer that’s being fed out, something different for the chickens and some range cubes for the cattle and sheep.

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The Right Vaccine for a Bull

The Right Vaccine for a Bull

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive

One reader wants to know the best vaccine to use for banded bulls.

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Managing for season-long forage production

Managing for season-long forage production

Elysia Rodgers

KPC News

Forages make up a large portion of ruminant diets. A survey of beef producers revealed that producers who grazed cattle longer had lower costs of production compared to producers who fed more harvested forages.

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Queens add glamour to cattle shows

Queens add glamour to cattle shows

Sarah Bahari

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Decades ago, the great-great-grandparents of Whitney Andras began breeding Hereford cattle.

The Oklahoma teenager now represents the breed as the National Hereford Queen and will help preside over the Junior Breeding Heifer Show today at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

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Turn Off that Camera! Animal Cruelty Exposés Being Blocked

Turn Off that Camera! Animal Cruelty Exposés Being Blocked


ABC News

Fearing arrest under laws pushed by the agriculture industry, animal rights activists have halted undercover camera investigations into animal cruelty in five farm states, including Iowa and Utah where the laws went into effect last year.

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Hay Prices Hamstring Ranchers

Hay Prices Hamstring Ranchers

The Spokesman Review

Bill Berg loads hay into his tractor before feeding his small herd of cattle at Ridge Ranch in Hygiene, Colo., last week. Three years ago, Berg was yielding about 1,000 bales of hay from his fields.

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National Cattlemen’s Beef Association convention and trade show rolls into Tampa this week

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association convention and trade show rolls into Tampa this week

Brad Davis

ABC News

In the Wendy’s commercial from a generation ago, a woman asks the now-famous question, ‘Where’s the Beef?’

"When she asks, ‘Where’s the beef?,’ today, it’s downtown Tampa," laughed Rod Nulik of Purina Animal Nutrition.

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Where have all the Beef Cow Gone?

Where have all the Beef Cow Gone?


Cattle numbers are down again, to their lowest level since 1952, according to USDA’s recent inventory count. Beef cow numbers are at their lowest level since 1962 as the devastating impacts of the 2012 drought continues the longer-term decline.

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Anaplasmosis: a re-emerging cattle disease

Anaplasmosis: a re-emerging cattle disease

University of California at Davis

More than 150 people recently attended the 2nd Annual Beef Improvement and Low Stress Cattle Handling Seminar at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. The goal of the seminar is to support the beef ranching community in California by providing information on how to improve cattle handling and welfare, and to give an overview of current beef industry related issues that occur in the state.

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