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BeefTalk: Buy Bulls Based on Data Not Pictures

BeefTalk: Buy Bulls Based on Data Not Pictures

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

There certainly is no shortage of bull pictures. Have you ever wondered just how many bull pictures can be printed in one magazine? A lot, and despite the added color and enhanced graphics, bulls still look like bulls.

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Organized cattle theft ring in Missouri

Organized cattle theft ring in Missouri

The Cattle Business Weekly

Lawrence County Sheriff Brad DeLay said the cattle thefts are traveling in a circuit. According to the Associated Press, a woman casually taking pictures of a farm is actually scouting the area. She marks the fence gate with a strip of masking tape communicating to her partners who will pass the property later.

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Drought Set the Stage for Low Conception Rates

Drought Set the Stage for Low Conception Rates

Mark Parker

Progressive Farmer

Light stocking rates through a parched summer delivered Zak O’Brien’s cows to weaning time in pretty good shape.

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The biggest delusion of all

The biggest delusion of all

Dan Murphy 


I spend a lot of time scouring anti-industry, pro-vegetarian websites and blogs. I do it so you don’t have to.

The constant refrain voice by virtually all veggie activists, of course, is that meat production is cruel to animals, dangerous to human health and ecologically unsustainable. All three are minority viewpoints, and all three are fairly easily refuted.

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Proposal to Label Mechanically Tenderized Meat Remains Under Review at OMB

Proposal to Label Mechanically Tenderized Meat Remains Under Review at OMB

Beef Cattle News

A proposed rule by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service to label mechanically tenderized beef products is now under extended review at the White House Office of Management and Budget.

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Plainview Packing Plant Closure Indicative of Industrywide Realignment

Plainview Packing Plant Closure Indicative of Industrywide Realignment

Oklahoma Farm Report

When Cargill announced it was closing its beef processing plant in Plainview, Texas, cattle markets across the board, predictably, took big hits. Jim Robb, director of the Livestock Marketing Information Center, says the reaction may have been a bit too severe.

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Improvements in slaughtering

Improvements in slaughtering

Elizabeth Fuhrman

National Provisioner

Processors face a variety of trials with slaughter equipment. It is a real challenge to design equipment that is durable, easy to maintain and capable of work cycling in environments that have large changes in temperature and humidity.

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Feedlots show ‘home run mentality’ in intake plans

Feedlots show ‘home run mentality’ in intake plans


Feedlots may be demonstrating a hit-and-hope mentality in returning to rising buy-ins of cattle, and lowering prospects for beef prices, despite elevated feed costs.

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Feeding round bales to cattle: improving the efficiency

Feeding round bales to cattle: improving the efficiency

Trevor Lennox

Southwest Booster

Winter feed represents the largest single cost on a cow-calf operation. Therefore when looking to reduce the cost-of-production, it is very important to take a long and hard look at winter feed costs. The old saying, “a penny saved is a penny earned” remains very true when feeding beef cattle.

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Stock Show Big for Ag Business

Stock Show Big for Ag Business

Chris Van Horne


The Fort Worth Stock Show is not just an educational and entertaining experience, it also is an important event for the agricultural industry.

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