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Pinto had inherited a nice little fishing boat.  He waited all winter to launch it. When  springtime time came he invited his friend John to go with him.

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Sorting facts, half-truths and fiction of antibiotics

Sorting facts, half-truths and fiction of antibiotics

Don “Doc” Sanders

Ohio’s Country Journal

Antibiotic resistance continues to be a major topic of discussion in the press. Unfortunately, accurate information is hard to come by, thanks to do-gooder activists who cloud the issue with their agenda. Here, I offer you my take on antibiotic resistance and the implications of antibiotic use for livestock.

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Protection From Scours

Protection From Scours

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Scours is most common in calves less than one month old.

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Management practices for added value in market calves

Management practices for added value in market calves


Lack of forage and increased input costs for beef producers continue as we move ahead in 2013. However, there are several tools that producers can use to increase efficiency of cattle planned for market and in doing so increase margins. All it takes is a little prior planning for cattle that may be hitting the ground as we speak or calves that producers may be thinking about weaning this spring.

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Beef’s Future

Beef’s Future

Mikkel Pates


North Dakota State University offers a window into the future with a new survey to determine attitudes and expectations in light of decreasing cow numbers, increasing input costs, unprecedented commodity market volatility and competition for labor resources.

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Accounting for our own

Accounting for our own


Feedstuffs Foodlink

Dr. Bernie Rollins, professor of philosophy and bioethics at Colorado State University, makes the argument that agriculture is losing the animal welfare battle because it fails to address or even recognize it has issues that need to be addressed. From personal experience, I agree.

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Feedlot handling practices assessed

Feedlot handling practices assessed



A RECENT study by Kansas State University’s Beef Cattle Institute indicated that most Kansas feedlots, after utilizing a new Feedlot Beef Quality Assessment tool, are handling cattle in a low-stress, humane manner and have protocols in place to ensure beef safety.

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Iowa To Host Multistate Beef Cattle Conference

Iowa To Host Multistate Beef Cattle Conference

Indiana Prairie Farmer

The annual 4-State Beef Conference will be held Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013 at six locations, including two in Iowa. Chris Clark, beef specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, says the conference agenda has information for cow-calf, stocker and feedlot operations.

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Unique Colorado cattle ranching operation sold to Canadian company

Unique Colorado cattle ranching operation sold to Canadian company

Scott Condon

The Denver Post

A unique cattle ranching operation in the mid-Roaring Fork Valley was sold recently to a major Canadian company and will be incorporated into what’s designed to be the biggest Wagu beef producer in North America.

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Cattlemen can get tax break if drought caused sell off

Cattlemen can get tax break if drought caused sell off

Logan Hawkes          

Southwest Farm Press

All across the Southwest, and as far north as the Midwest, many ranchers were forced to cull herds and sell off animals last year in direct response to a drought crisis that caused the decline of forage and forced feed prices up in what could have become a financial disaster for beef producers.

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