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Cattle and Lice

We travel to the OSU Wheat Pasture Research Station at Marshall to discuss lice infestation in cattle with Justin Talley and Steve Hisel.

2013 Mid-South Stocker Conference Offers Beef Producers Ways to Learn, Lead and Succeed

2013 Mid-South Stocker Conference Offers Beef Producers Ways to Learn, Lead and Succeed

The Stock Exchange

The beef industry is always changing, sometimes very rapidly, with regard to weather, market prices, fuel and other input costs. Add in external forces such as national and world politics, economics, animal rights and consumer perceptions, and beef producers have many situations to manage and overcome to be profitable.

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Why is there a calf in the bathtub!?

Why is there a calf in the bathtub!?

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

   With freezing temperatures sweeping across the nations mid-section and North East this coming week, my thoughts go to keeping newborn calves alive.  I often tend to recall a broadcast of This Week in Agri-Business from about two years ago.  Every week Max Armstrong & Orion Samuelson feature a Farm Broadcaster of the week.

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Successful calving seasons depends on forage quality

Successful calving seasons depends on forage quality

Ty Higgins

Ohio Ag Net

Feeding poor quality forages to cows in the late gestation or early lactation period can mean devastating results when it comes to conception rates in the following breeding season. That is why John Grimes, beef coordinator for Ohio State University Extension, recommends that producers check the nutrition values in their forage supplies.

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Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing

Kasey Miller

Angus Journal

‘Do the right thing, even when no one is looking,” asserts Stephen Russell, director of industry relations of the Kansas Beef Council. “Consumers want safe food in a socially conscious way.”

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Grandin: Industry Improves, Needs to Tell Story Better

Grandin: Industry Improves, Needs to Tell Story Better

Nebraska Ag Connection

The U.S. beef industry has made huge strides in livestock handling in recent years but has done a poor job explaining that to the public, said leading animal behavior expert Temple Grandin Tuesday.

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The 3 Stages of Bovine Parturition

The 3 Stages of Bovine Parturition

Sandy Stuttgen, DVM

University of Wisconsin

There are three stages to the birthing process, or parturition:  dilation of the cervix, delivery of the calf and delivery of the placenta.  Knowing the normal birth process will help you decide whether or not to intervene.

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Youth Program incorporates beef cattle production

Youth Program incorporates beef cattle production

Liberty County Vindicator

The Texas Brigades, will add a new camp in the summer of 2013 appropriately named Ranch Brigade. The new camp will focus on an entirely new concept, livestock production and ranching.

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No bull – what a farmer wants you to know about how beef gets to your plate

No bull – what a farmer wants you to know about how beef gets to your plate


How does our beef travel from pasture to plate? Can you describe this process from the time a calf is born to the moment your knife slices a steak?

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Agri Beef’s STAR-studded growth

Agri Beef’s STAR-studded growth

Andy Hanacek

National Provisioner

Ardent believers of astrology might tell you that success in love, life and business is written in the stars. Whether destiny or fate ultimately plays a role in success or not, the world’s more proactive — and wise — companies position themselves for success wherever possible.

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