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There are many variables that come into play concerning dystocia

There are many variables that come into play concerning dystocia

Ron Torell

Prairie Star

We may forget that the sire contributes only half of the genetic merit. The pedigree of the dam determines the other half. If the dam’s pedigree is stacked with growth and large birth weight sires and dams this is likely to influence calf delivery as a first-calf heifer

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BeefTalk: An Evolving Beef Industry

BeefTalk: An Evolving Beef Industry

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The beef industry is evolving, and so are beef cattle. This is the time of year when producers buy bulls, and every bull that is turned out to cows contributes to the evolving beef industry.

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Weigh all options and have a plan

Weigh all options and have a plan

Loretta Sorensen

Tri-State Livestock News

Low overhead and direct inputs made it possible in 2002 for Wyoming rancher Jim Sewell to survive an intense drought cycle. Sewell says the lessons he learned through the experience could help ranchers in current drought areas manage adverse conditions.

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Integrating mobile apps into ranch management           

Integrating mobile apps into ranch management                                   

Robyn Scherer             

Progressive Cattleman

Technology in agriculture has made leaps and bounds in the last several years.

Gone are the days of notebooks and pencils.

Now, farmers and ranchers can receive real-time data on the tractor and from their phone.

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Experts to Obama: ag research is lacking

Experts to Obama: ag research is lacking

Codi Vallery-Mills

The Cattle Business Weely

While many of the nation’s agriculture producers were battling drought, fires, and high commodity prices in 2012, a group of individuals were busy taking the ag industry’s heart beat. Their goal was to determine if the nation’s ag system was strong enough to meet the rising production demand forecasted for the future and report back to President Obama.

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Drought Will Make 2013 Challenging for Livestock Producers

Drought Will Make 2013 Challenging for Livestock Producers

Cheryl Anderson


Lingering effects from last summer’s drought will undoubtedly be the single biggest challenge for U.S. livestock producers in 2013. Even if winter and spring bring snow and rain to replenish soil moisture, the effects on feed prices and animal numbers will last into the new year.

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Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing

Kasey Miller

Angus Journal

‘Do the right thing, even when no one is looking,” asserts Stephen Russell, director of industry relations of the Kansas Beef Council. “Consumers want safe food in a socially conscious way.”

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Cow Herd Rebuilding Provides Opportunities for Younger Ranchers

Cow Herd Rebuilding Provides Opportunities for Younger Ranchers

David Anderson

Oklahoma Farm Report

Dr. David Anderson, Extension livestock market economist at Texas A&M, says the drought has drastically cut the mama cow herds in the Southern Great Plains, but the drought will eventually end and the work of rebuilding will commence. He says market profitability will get the ball rolling, but there is still uncertainty in the process.

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Going beyond the barnyard to stop stable flies

Going beyond the barnyard to stop stable flies

Sandra Avant

Southwest Farm Press

Livestock producers may not be able to see the difference between stable flies and other flies at a distance, but they can definitely see the stable flies’ effect on their cattle as the animals stop grazing and bunch together to minimize the number of bites they’re getting.

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Cargill to idle Texas beef plant

Cargill to idle Texas beef plant


Minneapolis Star Tribune

The shutdown of the big plant stems from the drought and other problems that are squeezing the industry’s profits.

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