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A Calving Season Specialist

A Calving Season Specialist

Kim Holt

Hereford World

As a cowman on purebred ranches in both Oklahoma and Idaho, Ron Shurtz has spent his whole adult life as a breeding and calving specialist, getting both natural and embryo transfer calves on the ground and then keeping them alive.

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Steve Cornett:  A Slow Start for Animal ID

Steve Cornett:  A Slow Start for Animal ID

Beef Today

Yawn. Did you see a lot of news coverage about USDA’s new animal disease traceability program last month and you wonder what it means to you?

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Sell Cows in their Prime

Sell Cows in their Prime

Steve Suther

Cattle Today

Any old cow is worth a lot these days, even at 60 cents times 1,000 pounds. That’s what you might get when cows become too old to maintain body condition or some other lurking negative trait catches up with them and they fail to breed back.

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Modified Live Vaccines

Modified Live Vaccines

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

There are risks and benefits to vaccinating cows, especially when pregnant. The biggest risk for any operator, however, is an inferior vaccination program.

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Facing Reality: Feed Price Volatility

Facing Reality: Feed Price Volatility

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

How high could the corn price possibly go? $9? $12? $24? By when? These are the questions on producers’ minds — and grabbing headlines — in the ag industry. We all want to know if the high is in or if it is yet to come.

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Supply and Demand Will Determine Cow Herd Rebuilding as Drought Eases

Supply and Demand Will Determine Cow Herd Rebuilding as Drought Eases

Oklahoma Farm Report

Some areas of the Southern Plains are starting to come out of the drought, but some are remaining locked in. Eventually, rain will come and the drought will ease. The question will then be how to best go about rebuilding the cow herd.

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Efficient Heifer Selection

Efficient Heifer Selection

Charlie Kraus

Heifer Pro

For nearly my entire cow/calf career, I have done as you have done.  I have sorted through my heifers for the number I needed and then sought the best way to develop them.

Looking back over the past few years and the changes we have made in that time, I can start to see some of my mistakes.

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NCBA announces speaker lineup

NCBA announces speaker lineup

Western Livestock Journal

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) is pleased to announce the lineup of speakers for the 2013 Cattle Industry Convention in Tampa, FL. Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy will officially kick off the convention with keynote remarks during the General Opening Session, scheduled for Feb. 6 at 3 p.m. and sponsored by Boehringher Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

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Farm-to-fork mindset puts focus on animal treatment

Farm-to-fork mindset puts focus on animal treatment

Paul Wyche

The Journal Gazette

The farm-to-fork feud rages on.

A debate over agricultural methods involves growers who feel animals should be allowed to behave as naturally as possible. They say the benefits are more humane treatment and better-tasting and healthier food.

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Organized rustlers devastate Missouri cattle business

Organized rustlers devastate Missouri cattle business

Brett Wessler    


Cattle thieves familiar with handling livestock are using scouts to monitor ranches, allowing them to steal cattle with the least chance of detection. Cattle producers in southwest Missouri met to discuss how to protect their herd and catch the robbers.

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