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Bigger Cattle; Smaller Steaks

Bigger Cattle; Smaller Steaks

Burt Rutherford       


While the industry signals to producers to produce bigger cattle, consumers are signaling they want smaller steaks. How can the industry resolve the discrepancy?

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John Matsushima’s work changed beef feeding

John Matsushima’s work changed beef feeding

Coleman Cornelius

The Denver Post

John Matsushima, a retired Colorado State University professor and a pioneer in beef-cattle nutrition, will be honored on Jan. 14 as 2013 Citizen of the West by the National Western Stock Show, joining a roster of Western luminaries who have made notable contributions to Colorado and the region.

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BeefTalk: The Science and Awe of DNA

BeefTalk: The Science and Awe of DNA

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The DNA discussion is real and active in the world of beef cattle, so the better one understands it, the better one can utilize the information.

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Feedlot, beef industry efficiency not the same

Feedlot, beef industry efficiency not the same

Oklahoma State University

For many years, cheap grain meant almost anything that enhanced grain use and feedlot measures of technical efficiency were consistent with beef industry efficiency. This is no longer true.

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Cold in China kills about 180,000 cattle, threatens power

Cold in China kills about 180,000 cattle, threatens power

Calum MacLeod

USA Today

The coldest winter in decades is causing blizzards in northern China and threatens electric power supplies in the south where the government is not used to dealing with such freezing temperatures, China media said Wednesday.

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Ranchers Use Checkoff Booklet To Answer Beef Questions

Ranchers Use Checkoff Booklet To Answer Beef Questions

Beef Producer

Brenda Black, cow-calf producer and Cattlemen’s Beef Board member from Deepwater, Mo., is also a graduate of the checkoff’s Masters of Beef Advocacy Program. During graduation training, she learned more about the checkoff’s "Having the Beef Conversation" booklet which is available in a print, online and mobile version.

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Packers add to beef quality

Packers add to beef quality


Anyone who thinks ranchers and feeders are the only ones who work long hours in the beef business has not talked with a foodservice distributor or thought about a chef burning the midnight oil.

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Calving…ET Style

Calving…ET Style

The Hills

January marks the start to a pretty busy time of the year for many farmers and ranchers across the country. Why you might ask? Well, the answer is simple, it’s time for those cows we bred last spring to start calving. Although the answer is simple, the process may not be.

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Evaluate options for feeding protein to beef cattle

Evaluate options for feeding protein to beef cattle



The price tag on protein sources these days certainly has cattle producers considering their options. However, not all proteins are created equally, nor are they digested the same in the rumen. Understanding how this major nutrient is utilized by cattle can help determine which protein source makes sense in your checkbook and in your cows’ bellies.

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Record-winning marathoner credits beef

Record-winning marathoner credits beef

John Bumgardner


The expression “all hat and no cattle” don’t have any meaning to Austinite Parvaneh Moayedi who now holds a Guinness Book of World Records title.

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