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Johne’s disease affects beef cattle, as well

Johne’s disease affects beef cattle, as well

Heather Smith Thomas

Tri-State Livestock New

Paratuberculosis in cattle is a slowly progressive disease that doesn’t show up with clinical signs until an animal has been infected for a long time – and at that point it is termed Johne’s disease, with diarrhea and weight loss.

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BeefTaIk: It’s All About DNA

BeefTaIk: It’s All About DNA

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Life always has been about deoxyribonucleic acid, which commonly is called DNA. Early discussions about DNA were reserved for chemistry labs. However, as our scientific endeavors increased our understanding of DNA, the concept slowly gained in popular reading, and even grade school science books thoroughly cover the topic.

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Keeping Cattle healthy through winter

Keeping Cattle healthy through winter

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

   Snow and high winds like most of us have been experiencing this winter are a bad combination for previously healthy unstressed cow’s & calves.  Not to mention it’s pretty hard on us and our equipment too! 

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Cattle producers might need to test, supplement poor-quality forages

Cattle producers might need to test, supplement poor-quality forages

Tracy Turner

Cattle producers who want to ensure a healthy, productive calving season might want to consider testing the nutritional values of forage supplies, an Ohio State University Extension beef expert says.

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Plan to attend Northern States Beef Conference

Plan to attend Northern States Beef Conference

The Cattle Business Weekly

A great opportunity awaits cattle producers Jan. 17-18 in Watertown, S.D. Planned for the two days is the Northern States Beef Conference hosted by SDSU, NDSU and University of Minnesota Extension.

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Scientist shares international experience in beefing up meat quality

Scientist shares international experience in beefing up meat quality

Paul Schattenberg

The Gilmer Mirror

Dr. Stephen Smith, a Texas A&M AgriLife Research professor in the department of animal science at Texas A&M University in College Station, spoke about his international efforts to help bolster the beef industry at a recent seminar on the Texas A&M campus.

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Tips For Selecting Bulls, Culling Cows

Tips For Selecting Bulls, Culling Cows

Burke Teichert


If you raise your own replacements, the bulls you select become the future of your herd. Meanwhile, judicious cow culling can clean up your herd and make it more manageable and marketable.

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Oregano Oil for Internal Parasite control

Oregano Oil for Internal Parasite control


Regano is an oregano oil-based product that has been tested in Italy on adult meat goats and beef cows as a coccidiostat. It has been found to be effective in these studies.

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Snow a welcome sight for farmers

Snow a welcome sight for farmers

James DeDecker

Michigan State University

As Michigan farmers look to the New Year and growing season ahead, recent snows encourage optimism. In northern climates, snow can account for a significant portion of annual precipitation, increasing soil moisture essential for plant growth.

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Montana cattle ranchers ready for 2013 challenges

Montana cattle ranchers ready for 2013 challenges

Evan Weborg


Montana’s cattle industry aims to remain strong in 2013.

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, cattle per hundred-weight prices are up $25 over the past two years, with the price in the last month at around $125.

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