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Navel dipping: Are you putting your calves at risk?

Navel dipping: Are you putting your calves at risk?

The Prairie Star

Increased calf mortality and illness is blamed on a variety of things: fluctuating weather patterns, an increased number of calvings per day or even transitioning of employees from one task to another. Oftentimes the real cause is the easiest one to fix.

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Using Solar Power to Water Cattle

Using Solar Power to Water Cattle

Merritt Melancon

Beef Today

University of Georgia researchers are hoping solar-powered wells will help preserve water quality and cattle health on isolated Georgia cattle farms.

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All Pastures, No Grain, His Winning Combination

All Pastures, No Grain, His Winning Combination

Joe Link

Progressive Farmer

Ask most people who have tried grass-finished beef what they thought, and chances are good you’ll hear something like "chews tough, no flavor." But it doesn’t have to be that way, and increasingly it isn’t.

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Protein supplementation using urea

Protein supplementation using urea


Urea is not protein, but for the ruminant (cattle, sheep, deer, goats) it does have the potential equivalent of 281% crude protein under certain circumstances.

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Cattle Comfort in the Winter

Cattle Comfort in the Winter

Iowa Beef Center

As the days grow shorter and winter sets in it is a good time to review some items for management of cold stress and general cattle comfort. Other than the bos indicus or Brahman breeds most cattle have a remarkable ability to tolerate the harsh winter climate of the upper Midwest and Northern Plains.

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The Annual Production Cycle

The Annual Production Cycle

Kalyn Waters


There is a certain set of production standards that should be required of cows within a herd to maximize profitability of a cow/calf operation. At the top of this list is that cows must have a marketable calf every 365 days.

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Feed Corn, DDG to Prepare Cows for Winter

Feed Corn, DDG to Prepare Cows for Winter

Cheryl Anderson


A number of techniques are available to producers to help animals maintain rate of gain and to protect cows as spring calving season approaches. Especially dangerous are wet and windy conditions that make it difficult for animals to create enough body heat.

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