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Know the basics of strategic deworming to keep the herd healthy

Know the basics of strategic deworming to keep the herd healthy

The Prairie Star

A strategic deworming approach involves more than administering a dewormer annually. It’s about knowing when parasites could be compromising the health of your cattle.

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Cost of production, profit per cow

Cost of production, profit per cow

Dave Barz

Tri State Livestock News

Winter has finally arrived in my area of South Dakota. We finally got several inches of snow, but along with it we endured subzero temperatures and 40 mile-per-hour winds. I don’t think the snow is a sign the drought is broken, but at least we will have a white Christmas. Hopefully this will improve everyone’s attitude and put us into the Christmas Spirit.

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BeefTalk: A Bucket of Alfalfa Cubes Has Value

BeefTalk: A Bucket of Alfalfa Cubes Has Value

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The final cattle were ultrasounded for pregnancy at the Dickinson Research Extension Center. These were replacement heifers that still are on grass.

The heifers have been foraging all summer and fall with the bulls turned in on Aug. 1. The pregnancy checks were routine and uneventful, and the heifers handled their reacquaintance with their caregivers well.

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Dust battle won . . . for now

Dust battle won . . . for now

The Cattle Business Weekly

Last Friday, Dec. 14, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it would retain the coarse particulate matter (PM) National Ambient Air Quality Standard. Meaning it would not look to enforce strict regulations for dust control.

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DDG Supplementation Reduces Annual Weeds in Pastures

DDG Supplementation Reduces Annual Weeds in Pastures

John A. Guretzky, Laura K. Snell, Jonathan Soper, Walter H. Schacht, Terry J. Klopfenstein, Stephanie K. Pruitt

University of Nebraska

Ongoing research has found body weight (BW) gains of steers supplemented with corn dried distillers grains plus solubles (DDGS) on unfertilized smooth bromegrass pasture (SUPP) to be greater than unsupplemented steers on N fertilized (FERT) and unfertilized, control (CONT) smooth bromegrass pasture.

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The science of beef quality

The science of beef quality

John Maday

Drovers CattleNetwork  

A great steak doesn’t just happen. A long list of factors ranging from genetics to aging and cooking techniques influence the beef-eating experience, and as a meat scientist at Colorado State University, Dale Woerner, PhD, devotes considerable study to those factors.

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Ranchers look forward to record cattle prices in 2013

Ranchers look forward to record cattle prices in 2013

David Murray

Great Falls Tribune

f there is a single word to describe the experience of Montana cattle ranchers in 2012 it would have to be “volatile.”

Prices for feeder cattle, those that have been weaned from their mothers and ready to be sent to a feed lot for finishing, climbed to historic highs in late winter, topping out at $164.40 per hundred pounds of live steer at the end of February.

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A Quest for Sustainable Farming Techniques

A Quest for Sustainable Farming Techniques

Mother Earth News

…Before saying any more, let me lay all my cards on the table. I’m a livestock farmer: I raise cattle and chickens for meat.  But one reason I do this is that I believe farm animals are ultimately better served by a viable humane alternative to factory-farming than by vitriolic protests over their becoming food after a good life.

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Livestock Must Be Tagged in USDA Plan to Trace Mad Cow Disease

Livestock Must Be Tagged in USDA Plan to Trace Mad Cow Disease

Stephanie Armour

Washington Post

Most livestock moved across state lines will have to be identified and tracked under a U.S. Department of Agriculture rule that aims to rapidly trace diseased animals to their origin.

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USDA announces rule on interstate livestock movement

USDA announces rule on interstate livestock movement

Jeff Helms

Alfa Farmers News

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced a final rule aimed at improving the traceability of U.S. livestock moving between states.

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