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Moustaches have become de rigueur in certain lifestyle choices; mountain men, Arctic explorers, Fu Man Chu-ists, carnival acts like the bearded lady and cowboy poets.  As we know, if something becomes popular, the government soon tries to get involved.

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Collecting useful data builds profitable outcome

Collecting useful data builds profitable outcome

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

The beef business has often been about numbers. How many head made it to the end of the drive and market price per head were important figures to the trail boss when the railhead town was on the horizon.

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Steer Clear Of Foot Rot

Steer Clear Of Foot Rot

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Foot rot in cattle can result from a long drought, followed by wet conditions.

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U.S. and Russia Spar Over Ractopamine in Pork and Beef

U.S. and Russia Spar Over Ractopamine in Pork and Beef

Helena Bottemiller

Beef Cattle News      

The long-running international dispute over ractopamine, a drug used to boost growth and leanness in pork and beef production, has become even more contentious in recent weeks. Russia, which is an increasingly important export market for U.S. meat products, announced it will no longer accept meat from animals raised on the drug, and it will require countries to certify that their meat is ractopamine-free.

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NCTC hosts cattle lecture

NCTC hosts cattle lecture

Gainesville Daily Register

Cattle ranchers across Texas and the nation were on the North Central Texas College Gainesville campus Thursday and Friday to learn more about beef selection in changing times in the agriculture industry

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Dick Monfort named CSU 2012 Livestock Leader

Dick Monfort named CSU 2012 Livestock Leader

Greeley Tribune

Greeley-native Dick Monfort, scion of one of the West’s most prominent cattle families, will be honored by Colorado State University’s Department of Animal Sciences as the 2012 Livestock Leader.

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EPA Air Quality Changes Don’t Include ‘Farm Dust’

EPA Air Quality Changes Don’t Include ‘Farm Dust’

Farm Futures

The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday announced changes to its national air quality standards for fine particle pollution, but retained proposed standards released earlier this year for coarse particulate matter, including "farm dust."

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Pasture To Plate

Pasture To Plate

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

A few years ago, I read an article about the practice it takes to prepare Grass-fed BEEF correctly.  Even though it was written 2-3 years ago, the info. still applies today.

It was written by Chef Michael Formichella.  He stated that while he was working with a large beef group, he had many discussions about how our food makes it’s way to our tables here in the U.S.

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Cattle Ranching

Cattle Ranching

Kenneth C. Dagel – Terry Jordan – John T. Schlebecker

American Cattleman

Perhaps no other activity has so well defined the character of the Great Plains in literature, movies, and the national psyche as cattle ranching. Ranching, as it developed on the Plains, was well adapted to the physical environment.

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Lenders foreclose on ND Natural Beef facility

Lenders foreclose on ND Natural Beef facility

Mikkel Pates


Lenders have notified North Dakota Natural Beef LLC of their intent to foreclose on a meat-processing plant here, officials say.

Dieter Pape, president and chief executive for the defunct company, says N.D. Natural Beef vacated its plant in late November.

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