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Early weaning strategies: Letting the calf chop the forage corn

Early weaning strategies: Letting the calf chop the forage corn


Farm & Ranch Guide

Early weaning is often considered during drought years, but research is showing that the practice may be a useful management strategy during normal production years, too.

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Stretch Your Hay Dollars

Stretch Your Hay Dollars

John Buckner

Beef Today

Feeder design makes a difference

What’s big and round and used on cattle farms? That would be a round bale feeder—and the design of that feeder can make you money. Take one part animal husbandry, one part industrial design material considerations and one part form-follows-function thinking, and you’ve got a recipe for feeding livestock with as little as 6% loss of total bale weight, according to Oklahoma State University (OSU) research.

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Hurd vs. Consumer Reports – I’ll bet on Hurd

Hurd vs. Consumer Reports – I’ll bet on Hurd

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

Consumer Reports has been busy this year putting out its pseudo-science and recommendations for the public on what/how they should eat and where they should get it.

Scott Hurd, DVM, PhD, has no problem taking them to task on their shaky data.

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Outlook Favors Cow-Calf Producers

Outlook Favors Cow-Calf Producers


Cow-calf producers are in the best profit position among beef-cattle segments coming into 2013. Stocker operators also have good profit potential, but cattle feeders and packers will continue to face tight margins, according to Cattle-Fax. Analysts Lance Zimmerman and Todd Kalous presented their latest projections to an international group of beef producers hosted by Novus International during their Global Beef Roundtable this week.

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Rare bovine disease appears in fall

Rare bovine disease appears in fall

Coshocton Tribune

Bovine anaplasmosis, a bloodborne disease in cattle, has been in the news lately. Although it is not a common disease and there has not been an increase in cases in Ohio, farmers still need to be aware of what this disease could do to a herd.

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EPA Announces Next Round of Dust Standards

EPA Announces Next Round of Dust Standards

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

In response to a court order, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Friday final national air quality standards for harmful fine particle pollution (PM2.5), including soot, setting the annual health standard at 12 micrograms per cubic meter.

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Experts working to identify more feed efficient animals

Experts working to identify more feed efficient animals

Western Producer

Cattle producers can save more than $40 per head per year in feed costs by choosing more feed efficient animals, says a beef cattle management specialist.

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Conservationists team up with ranchers, loggers

Conservationists team up with ranchers, loggers


Across the nation, conservation groups in partnership with ranchers are using cattle to restore native plant species by grazing invasive grasses. Other groups are working with fishermen to fish sustainably, and using logging and mining profits to pave way for forest and salmon restoration.

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Livestock breeder Leachman sentenced to jail for horse abuse

Livestock breeder Leachman sentenced to jail for horse abuse

Billings Gazette

Yellowstone County Justice of the Peace Larry Herman sentenced Billings livestock breeder James Leachman on Wednesday to serve five years in the Yellowstone County Detention Facility, with all but 120 days suspended, for horse abuse.

The judge also fined Leachman $5,000 and prohibited him from owning cows or horses for the duration of his sentence.

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Supreme Court case could impact cattle industry

Supreme Court case could impact cattle industry


Cattle and dairy officials in Idaho say dairies and ranches could have a tough time getting financing if the Idaho Supreme Court upholds a district court’s decision putting feed producers ahead of a bank in recovering debt from cows sold at a south-central Idaho dairy that defaulted.

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