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Setting Up for Calving Season Success

Dr. Jody Wade, Professional Services Veterinarian with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., offers cow-calf producers some management tips to make calving season more successful.

Barnyard Politics

Barnyard Politics

Kenny Barrett

Tri State Livestock News

The tailgate conversation has routinely settled on politics following the recent presidential election. The implications of millions of ballots will be unveiled over the coming years. I am proud to count myself amongst the many Americans that participated. But quite frankly I think the whole process stinks no matter if you are on the left or the right.

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Steve Cornett:  Approaching the Death Tax Cliff

Steve Cornett:  Approaching the Death Tax Cliff

Beef Today

The Farm Journal/Pioneer Legacy progam was in Amarillo this week. It was my first chance to sit through one of the sessions, and the first such session since the election.

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Storing Natural Colostrum for Optimum Passive Immunity

Storing Natural Colostrum for Optimum Passive Immunity

Glenn Selk

Feedlot Magazine

A previous article about commercially available colostrum substitutes has spawned questions about natural colostrum from a cow that lost a calf or from a dairy cow.  An important factor that influences colostrum quality (immu–noglobulin concentration) is the age of the cow. Heifers have poorer quality colostrum while older cows have the best quality colostrum.

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Rural Thieves Targeting Pricey Hay

Rural Thieves Targeting Pricey Hay

Russ Quinn


For years farmers have been battling thieves bent on stealing valuable equipment and even livestock. Now farmers are being forced to protect their hay from theft as criminals realize how much these crops are worth.

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Seeking the right mix of bacteria in cattle

Seeking the right mix of bacteria in cattle

Fred Love

Western Farm Press

Bacteria often get a bad rap. Frequently the targets of aggressive hand-washing campaigns, they get the blame for causing a wide range of nasty diseases in humans and animals.

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Production restricted at SD slaughtering plant

Production restricted at SD slaughtering plant

San Francisco Chronicle

The northern South Dakota city of Aberdeen has reduced the number of cattle that a new processing plant is allowed to slaughter because Northern Beef Packers has fallen behind on installing wastewater equipment.

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U.S. must bring COOL rule into WTO compliance by May

U.S. must bring COOL rule into WTO compliance by May

The National Provisioner

The World Trade Organization has ruled that the United States must bring its country-of-origin labeling rules into compliance with an earlier WTO ruling by May 23, 2013. The organization ruled in June that the COOL rule discriminated against Canada and Mexico because it gave less favorable treatment to imported beef and pork products than U.S. meat.

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Beef’s future hazy

Beef’s future hazy

Lynn Walker

Wichita Times Record News

Appetites may turn to turkey and ham this time of year, but when the holidays are gone, Wichitans may face sticker shock in that staple of the Texas diet — beef.

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Federation Of State Beef Councils To Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary In 2013

Federation Of State Beef Councils To Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary In 2013


It was a presence well before the mandatory $1-per-head beef checkoff was created in 1985. And in 2013 the Federation of State Beef Councils will recognize that presence, celebrating its 50th anniversary as a force for grassroots participation in beef checkoff programs.

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