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More expensive than buying Hay

More expensive than buying Hay

Miranda Reiman

Cattle Today

Some costs of the drought are easy to calculate. Like the extra hay or supplement you have to buy this year at higher prices. It’s those longer-term costs that get a little hard to figure when trying to assign exact values.

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Cattle Feeder Days to focus on managing feedlot efficiency

Cattle Feeder Days to focus on managing feedlot efficiency

Morris Sun Tribune

Feeding and managing for efficiency in the feedlot while finishing cattle at heavier weights is the theme for the 2012 University of Minnesota Cattle Feeder Day Program.

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Smaller, fewer, thinner – the future for American beef?

Smaller, fewer, thinner – the future for American beef?

Matt McGrath


The country that is synonymous with steaks as big as Texas is suffering a serious shortage of cattle. The US national herd is now at an all time low. Numbers peaked at 132 million head of cattle in 1975. At the start of this year this was down to just under 91 million.

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Prepare Cattle For Winter

Prepare Cattle For Winter

Heather Smith Thomas

American Cattleman

Cattle need care during cold or wet weather to make sure they stay healthy and perform well. A well managed program to prepare cattle for winter and minimize cold stress can save money and reduce the number of sick animals.

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Livestock Industry concerned about tax benefits

Livestock Industry concerned about tax benefits

John Alan Cohan, Attorney at Law

Cattle Today

Proper decision making and advance planning are crucial elements in operating a profitable livestock venture. Ever since the inception of income tax, all areas of farming have enjoyed generous tax benefits.

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The Cattle Market’s Fiscal Cliff

The Cattle Market’s Fiscal Cliff

John Harrington


With political stumps still smoldering and errant yard signs yet tattering in the wind, you don’t have to tell the 125 million besieged voters who participated in the presidential election that it’s been a long, long fall.

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Beef Producers Claim Shortage Of Large-Animal Vets; Vets Say No

Beef Producers Claim Shortage Of Large-Animal Vets; Vets Say No

Joe Roybal     


A looming shortage of large-animal vets in rural America was a big worry six years ago. In fact, the August 2006 issue of BEEF magazine included a report on a survey of U.S. beef producers and bovine practitioners that found almost 49% of producer respondents worried about a long-run shortage of large-animal practitioners in their community, and 14% said there already was a shortage.

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