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Prepare Cattle For Winter

Prepare Cattle For Winter

Heather Smith Thomas

American Cattleman

Cattle need care during cold or wet weather to make sure they stay healthy and perform well. A well managed program to prepare cattle for winter and minimize cold stress can save money and reduce the number of sick animals.

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Livestock Industry concerned about tax benefits

Livestock Industry concerned about tax benefits

John Alan Cohan, Attorney at Law

Cattle Today

Proper decision making and advance planning are crucial elements in operating a profitable livestock venture. Ever since the inception of income tax, all areas of farming have enjoyed generous tax benefits.

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The Cattle Market’s Fiscal Cliff

The Cattle Market’s Fiscal Cliff

John Harrington


With political stumps still smoldering and errant yard signs yet tattering in the wind, you don’t have to tell the 125 million besieged voters who participated in the presidential election that it’s been a long, long fall.

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Beef Producers Claim Shortage Of Large-Animal Vets; Vets Say No

Beef Producers Claim Shortage Of Large-Animal Vets; Vets Say No

Joe Roybal     


A looming shortage of large-animal vets in rural America was a big worry six years ago. In fact, the August 2006 issue of BEEF magazine included a report on a survey of U.S. beef producers and bovine practitioners that found almost 49% of producer respondents worried about a long-run shortage of large-animal practitioners in their community, and 14% said there already was a shortage.

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Climate change could force grazing cuts in West        

Climate change could force grazing cuts in West                         

Progressive Cattleman

Significant reductions in grazing on public land – in some places outright elimination of the activity – is justified because of the impacts of a warming climate, scientists say in a new report.

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Stockgrowers book highlights Montana ranches

Stockgrowers book highlights Montana ranches

Kristen Cates

Great Falls Tribune

Upset by the negative connotations national programs such as “Food Inc.” were making about agriculture and the cattle industry, the Montana Stockgrowers Association set out to tell its story in a new way and with the help of a city girl.

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Status of Use of Implants in Beef Cattle Production

Status of Use of Implants in Beef Cattle Production

University of Nebraska

Implants are a valuable tool for beef producers that have been well researched, increase saleable weight, and have the largest return on investment of any technology available today for beef producers.

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Hopes rise for Aberdeen packing plant, South Dakota Certified Beef

Hopes rise for Aberdeen packing plant, South Dakota Certified Beef

Tom Lawrence

The Daily Republic

After years of delay and numerous problems, production at an Aberdeen beef processing plant is under way.

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Beef prices at all-time highs as supply falls

Beef prices at all-time highs as supply falls

Art Hovey

Columbus Telegram

Turkey’s turn in the holiday spotlight is over, and it’s time to notice some things about beef.

On the supply side, the last time the cow census got this low nationally, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president and Joseph Stalin was Time magazine’s Man of the Year.

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High Feed Costs Impact The Cattle Industry

High Feed Costs Impact The Cattle Industry



You know last year we were feeding cattle for in the neighborhood of a hundred and three to a hundred and ten dollars a ton. That’s to the cattle with yardage. This year we are upwards of a hundred and twenty five dollars to a hundred thirty for the same ration,” said Dan Schaeffer, a cattle farmer from Rupert.

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