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Action needed by those engaged in the Eastern Livestock bankruptcy case

Action needed by those engaged in the Eastern Livestock bankruptcy case


The Trustee in the Eastern Livestock bankruptcy has filed his proposed disclosure statement and plan for dissolving the bankruptcy estate. The plan represents a settlement between the bankruptcy estate of Eastern Livestock and Fifth Third Bank.

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Limit Grazing for Cow Herds

Limit Grazing for Cow Herds

Don Stotts

American Cattleman

Assuming more rainfall comes to the Southern Plains states in the weeks ahead, wheat pasture is likely to be a key source of protein and energy for cow herds by late November and early December.

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Growth implants benefit environment, vet says

Growth implants benefit environment, vet says

Julie Harker

Brownfield Network

In light of the drought and feed shortage for cattle, producers are encouraged to efficiently manage their herds. One of the key steps, says Merck animal tech veterinarian Harold Newcomb, is to use growth implants.

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Pre-Breeding Vaccinations Key to Maximizing Returns

Pre-Breeding Vaccinations Key to Maximizing Returns

Beef Today

At a time when producers are watching every dollar tightly, one thing that can’t be taken for granted is reproductive efficiency of the cow herd. With record-low cattle numbers and back-to-back drought years in much of the country, every calf is valuable, and even a single delay in breeding could cost big money.

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Fertility and Longevity are the New Keys to Success

Fertility and Longevity are the New Keys to Success

Boyd Kidwell

Progressive Farmer

Duane Strider sells a lot of bulls, but he believes it’s family that counts. Cow families, that is.

This North Carolina cattleman has built a business around identifying cows with longevity and multiplying those genetics. Duane and wife, Wendy, who raise Gelbvieh cattle, have 25 Dam of Distinction and Dam of Merit cows in their herd of 350.

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Way Beyond Just Black

Way Beyond Just Black

Miranda Reiman

Angus Journal

On the dance floor or sorting cattle, as in life, having a reliable partner can make it a whole lot easier. Joe and Brenda Anderjaska of Hayes Center, Neb., have learned anticipation and a bit of mind reading go a long way.

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Tips For Selecting Replacement Heifers For The Beef Herd

Tips For Selecting Replacement Heifers For The Beef Herd

Burke Teichert


I used to believe that performance records and visual appraisal were sufficient in selecting replacement heifers. I now give Mother Nature or the environment the first chance at selecting efficient replacements.

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