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Baxter Black, DVM:  DANGED IF YOU DO

Baxter Black, DVM:  DANGED IF YOU DO

The rancher’s dilemma; if it snows you don’t have enough hay.  If it doesn’t snow you won’t have any hay!

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Steve Cornett:  We’re Red, They’re Blue

Steve Cornett:  We’re Red, They’re Blue

Beef Today

The 2012 presidential election was a big surprise to many of my friends. Most of us don’t know any democrats, unless you count our kids. We can’t imagine how a country could be so foolish.

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Talk about hormones responsibly

Talk about hormones responsibly

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

Last week while I was attending the National Institute for Animal Agriculture’s 2012 Antibiotic Symposium in Columbus, Ohio, I joined some of the other attendees for a lovely dinner at a high-end steakhouse.

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Expensive Lessons From Thoughtless Neighbors

Expensive Lessons From Thoughtless Neighbors

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Lead poisoning. A neighbor had left some old batteries along our fenceline, and they were splitting open.

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Creating Opportunity in Rural America

Creating Opportunity in Rural America

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Like a lot of ranch-raised kids, Jon Brohman held high hopes of joining the family cattle operation. Located near Callaway, Neb., the ranch was a fairly traditional kind of cow-calf outfit.

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Important Year-End Tax Implications For Ranchers

Important Year-End Tax Implications For Ranchers

Burt Rutherford

When it comes to tax planning for this year and next, here’s the only thing that’s certain – you will get to pay. Beyond that immutable fact, however, the only thing certain about the current state of tax policy is its uncertainty.

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Identifying the Highest Value Cattle in your Herd

Identifying the Highest Value Cattle in your Herd


A new study shows that utilizing new genomic test results can help improve cattle value.

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At Polyface Farm, self-reliance is key

At Polyface Farm, self-reliance is key

Rob Hedelt


"It’s why we advertise salad-bar beef," said the smiling, 54-year-old Salatin from beneath the cowboy hat he favors. "The grasses our cattle chow down on makes the meat better for you, cheaper to produce and, pardon me for saying it, but it just plain tastes better."

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Problem Weeds in Hay and Forages for Livestock

Problem Weeds in Hay and Forages for Livestock

Birgit Puschner

University of California at Davis

Livestock poisoning associated with the ingestion of weeds in hay and forages can cause sudden death as seen with oleander or nitrate accumulating plants or a chronic disease as observed with the ingestion of pyrrolizidine alkaloid containing plants. Other problems associated with alfalfa include photosensitization and mechanical injury.

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Manuring Hay Fields?

Manuring Hay Fields?

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

   We don’t spread manure on any of our fields used for Hay production or pasturing of our animals.  It’s a personal decision that we made years ago simply due to the fact that it doesn’t seem like a healthy option for our Beefalo.

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