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Supplement intake is a moving target

Supplement intake is a moving target

Stephen B. Blezinger, PhD, PAS

Cattle Today

In the last issue we began a discussion of animal feed or nutrient intake as it affects performance. One of the most common sayings in animal feeding is that we are feeding the averages.

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Beef sustainability

Beef sustainability

Amanda Radke

Tri-State Livestock News

Kim Stackhouse-Lawson recently spoke at Colorado State University’s Beef + Transparency = Trust Conference, an event focused on educating the public about where their beef comes from. Her speech was titled, “Beef Sustainability: Meeting Tomorrow’s Demand.”

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Planning For 1,600 Mouths to Feed

Planning For 1,600 Mouths to Feed

Boyd Kidwell

Progressive Farmer

As the leaves change colors in the Blue Ridge Mountains, cattle manager John Genho looks at 1,600 hungry mouths to feed and forms his winter feeding plan.

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Quality Motives

Quality Motives

Miranda Reiman

Angus Journal

Call the CIA. There’s a case to crack. More than 5,000 head of cattle from a western Nebraska feedlot surpassed 40% Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand and Prime acceptance from June 2011 through the end of May 2012.

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Beef Industry’s Stocker Sector Is Vital But Fluid

Beef Industry’s Stocker Sector Is Vital But Fluid

Wes Ishmael 


Defining the stocker cattle sector should be relatively straightforward. Producers add weight to calves removed from their mamas before those calves enter a feedlot.

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New cattle traceability rule announced

New cattle traceability rule announced

Jeffrey Stapper

Southwest Farm Press

A requirement for adult cattle in Texas to have an approved form of permanent identification in place at change of ownership will go into effect January 1, 2013, according to the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC).

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Sandy’s impact

Sandy’s impact

Jamie Klein

Reading Eagle

When Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to Andrew Hess’ farm, he relied on a generator to provide the electricity needed to care for his beef cattle.

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Lead Poisoning of Cattle Can Be Avoided

Lead Poisoning of Cattle Can Be Avoided

Dr. Glenn Selk

Feedlot Magazine

At least once every year, an unfortunate story of cattle loss is repeated somewhere in Oklahoma.  A producer encounters sudden death loss in several young calves and the veterinary diagnosis is lead poisoning.  After an internet search, several important keys to prevention can be found.

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Backgrounding prospects in the Northern Plains

Backgrounding prospects in the Northern Plains

Tim Petry


A couple of weeks ago, five of my animal science colleagues and I presented an educational program by videoconference to several sites in North Dakota entitled “Backgrounding Cattle 2012: High Feed Prices.”

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Pregnancy Testing Cows Essential this Fall

Pregnancy Testing Cows Essential this Fall

David Kehler, County Extension Director/Agriculture Agent

This year’s drought has left a shortage or absence of grass and hay throughout many parts of Kansas. Producers fortunate enough to have more hay than their projected winter needs should consider the high value and increased potential selling price of hay when making culling decisions. It is essential that cows be pregnancy checked so valuable hay or stockpiled forage is not wasted on open cows this winter.

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