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Protein Supplement Pays Off

Protein Supplement Pays Off

Del Deterling

Progressive Farmer

Troy Ellis has high expectations from his cow herd. Over the years, he has consistently weaned better than a 90% calf crop per cow bred, and steer calves have averaged 550 pounds at weaning.

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Important to choose the right hay Trailer

Important to choose the right hay Trailer

Del Williams

Cattle Today

When a farmer or rancher has to clear fields of round hay bales, there’s nothing that does the job like a hay trailer. But what kind is best for you? That depends on your equipment (tractor or pick up), your use (bale size, quantity, and labor), and your budget.

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The Cowboy Way

The Cowboy Way


Ranching and farming continues to be the heart and backbone of Texoma’s deep roots. Unfortunately the modern day cowboy lives a lifestyle that is slowly disappearing. 

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A historical perspective on the U.S. feedlot industry

A historical perspective on the U.S. feedlot industry

Bovine Veterinarian

The latest Cattle on Feed report underscores the challenges feedlots face in the coming months. Not only are feedlots paying record prices for feed and essentially record prices for feeder cattle, increasingly the supply of feeder cattle will be inadequate to maintain feedlot inventories at any price. It is easy to identify a variety of factors that contribute to dim feedlot prospects for the future.

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U.S. Beef Producers And Veterinarians Surveyed

U.S. Beef Producers And Veterinarians Surveyed

Joe Roybal     


In dual surveys of BEEF readers and bovine veterinarians, the two audiences provide their unique perspectives on the veterinarian/client relationship and contrast their thoughts on various industry issues.

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Feedlot Prospects Worrisome for U.S. Cattle Industry

Feedlot Prospects Worrisome for U.S. Cattle Industry


Conversations about Mayan prophecies of doom have been all the rage this year, but for the U.S. cattle industry, dim feedlot prospects for the future have been a much more worrisome topic.

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Failure to Pass Farm Bill Spells Bad News For Ag. Exports

Failure to Pass Farm Bill Spells Bad News For Ag. Exports

Emily Roehler

Nebraska TV

Failure by the U.S. House of Representatives to pass a five-year farm bill before adjourning last month may mark the beginnings of a drought on U.S. agricultural exports, according to a letter from the Nebraska Corn Board.

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Moving and handling cattle with ATVs or horses

Moving and handling cattle with ATVs or horses

Heather Smith Thomas

Tri-State Livestock News

Some ranchers feel strongly that the only way to work cattle is with horses. Other ranchers don’t even own a horse and do all their cattle moving with 4-wheelers. Still others use both, and appreciate the advantages of each.

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North Dakota cattle taking hold in Kazakhstan’s cold climate

North Dakota cattle taking hold in Kazakhstan’s cold climate

James MacPherson


Transplanted North Dakota cattle are thriving in Kazakhstan’s cold climate, but many of the former Soviet republic’s cowboys are still greenhorns, so it has hired Great Plains ranch hands to help out and is sending some of its own to the U.S. for training, a state trade official said.

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Beef Producers Still Adapting to Drought

Beef Producers Still Adapting to Drought


This year’s drought continues to affect Nebraska cattle producers as they move up management decisions to accommodate feed shortages.

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