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Cattle can add profit throughout supply chain

Cattle can add profit throughout supply chain

Cattle Today

Some cattle grow like weeds; some hit the high-grade targets. Some do both, some neither. That’s the way it goes in the world of commodity cattle. But cattle can be so much more, adding profit throughout the supply chain.

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Antibiotics and sustainability

Antibiotics and sustainability

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

These days the terms “antibiotic use in livestock” and “sustainable agriculture” are two buzzwords (buzzterms?) that aren’t often used in the same sentence complementing each other.

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Feeding Pretreated Stover, Wet Distillers Can Reduce Feed Costs

Feeding Pretreated Stover, Wet Distillers Can Reduce Feed Costs

Cheryl Anderson


Feeding pretreated corn stover and wet distillers grains can reduce costs for feedlot cattle rations, according to a recent research project conducted by the Nebraska Ethanol Board.

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BeefTalk: Color-coded Data or Something Else?

BeefTalk: Color-coded Data or Something Else?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

What association are you using to manage the genes in your cow-calf system? Where do we start as we come to understand the modern world of genetics?

The beef cattle industry evolved through a fairly long but fair process. The process utilized color-coded data. If there was any deviation in the colored data, secondary data such as horns, hump, hair pattern, line backs or other color patterns could be used.

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Here A Bull, There A Bull, Everywhere A Bull, Bull

Here A Bull, There A Bull, Everywhere A Bull, Bull

Burt Rutherford       


Often times, says James Henderson, things aren’t necessarily what they seem. Or perhaps more accurately, aren’t necessarily just the way you were told they were.

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The Sliming

The Sliming

Daniel Engber


Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

What do you call a mash of beef trimmings that have been chopped and then spun in a centrifuge to remove the fatty bits and gristle? According to the government and to the company that invented the process, you call it lean finely textured beef.

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Judaism, Health and Animal Rights

Judaism, Health and Animal Rights

Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.

There has been much interest recently in issues related to animal rights. Many animal rights groups have become increasingly active in efforts to end what they regard as the mistreatment of animals on factory farms, fur farms, laboratories, and other areas. Supporters of animal experimentation assert that an end to animal experimentation would hinder progress in finding cures for many diseases.

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