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The new distillers grains and what it means for producers

The new distillers grains and what it means for producers

Devan Compart

Farm & Ranch Guide

In an attempt to increase profits, modern ethanol producer are adjusting processing methods to get the most value out of corn. No longer are the ethanol producers seeking to simply produce ethanol and distillers grains; now they remove corn oil either from the bran and germ prior to ethanol fermentation or by centrifuging corn syrup.

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Intake variability affects cattle’s performance

Intake variability affects cattle’s performance

Stephen B. Blezinger, PhD, PAS

Cattle Today

A fairly common discussion in my office is why we see variation in performance in a group of cattle. In some cases this is explained by the fact that within any group of animals there are differences in the genetics of the individuals. Some are genetically predisposed to perform well, some not as much.

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Cold weather livestock tips

Cold weather livestock tips

Bovine Veterinarian

“Animals can suffer from hypothermia, frostbite and other cold weather injuries, and harsh conditions can weaken their immune systems, leaving them vulnerable to illness,” Bellay said in the Department’s Animal Health News newsletter. “You need to think about extra nutrition, access to water, plenty of good bedding, and proper shelter for both pets and livestock.”

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Low Stress Weaning Pays Off

Low Stress Weaning Pays Off

Del Deterling

Progressive Farmer

Weaning is a tough time for all involved. It’s second only to calving for death losses. Calves tend to go off feed and become sick. Bovine respiratory diseases and digestive issues are common.

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The Cost and Consequences of the U.S. Drought

The Cost and Consequences of the U.S. Drought


The 2012 farming season may be in its waning days, but the consequences of this year’s drought, the worst of its kind in 25 years, are yet to be known.

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Colorado Ranching Family Opens Online All Natural Beef Store

Colorado Ranching Family Opens Online All Natural Beef Store


A Roggen, Colorado ranching family opens a new online store that offers all natural, ranch raised beef directly to consumers.

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A “What If” Question On Antibiotics

A “What If” Question On Antibiotics

Dave Sjeklocha


If supermarkets were to decide to sell only meat from animals not treated with antibiotics, then what would become of the animals that did receive treatment?

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