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I’ve had occasion to rub shoulders with influential people in the cattle business at all levels.  I see them at state cattlemen’s meetings, or serving on the Beef Board, at bull sales, giving speeches, expounding on political, economic or international subjects AND people are listening to them! 

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Stocker Demand Is Following The Moisture

Stocker Demand Is Following The Moisture

Wes Ishmael 


Tight calf supplies and obscenely high feedlot breakevens continue to offer value-of-gain opportunity to traditional stocker operators as well as cow-calf producers and folks whose primary occupation is growing small grains.

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Timely weaning reduces pasture stress

Timely weaning reduces pasture stress


Now is the time for beef producers with spring-calving herds to complete weaning and consider calf marketing options, a Purdue Extension beef specialist says.

Timely calf weaning reduces cow energy needs and pasture stress, and allows pregnant cows time to gain weight heading into winter.

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25 Feeder Calf Mistakes to Avoid

25 Feeder Calf Mistakes to Avoid

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

This fall when calves will be entering the feedlot, the feedlot team including the veterinarian, nutritionist, manager, pen riders and feeders will have the opportunity to all work together to get these calves off to a good start.

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The Real Cost of Growth Enhancement in Beef

The Real Cost of Growth Enhancement in Beef

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

The idyllic image of cattle spending their lives grazing organic, verdant pastures prior to appearing as a hamburger being passed out of some fast food take-out window really doesn’t add up, no matter how you run the numbers

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Crystalyx releases Body Condition Score app

Crystalyx releases Body Condition Score app

Delta Farm Press

Producers can now edit or save a record as a draft. That means a producer can collect photos in the pasture and score the cattle at a later time or edit the records when time permits. They can also now delete records that are no longer needed.

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The backstory of a decades-old Jacksonville slaughterhouse.

The backstory of a decades-old Jacksonville slaughterhouse.


The meat packing industry is well known for its impact on the American Midwest. In cities like Fort Worth, TX, industry lore has transformed early 20th century plants into national attractions. In others, like Jacksonville, the story and impact on today’s society has been lost.

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