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Profitability Potential with Crossbreeding

Profitability Potential with Crossbreeding

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

First let me say that there is room in the industry for all types of commercial breeding systems, from straightbreeding to the most complicated crossbreeding programs. However, with Angus having over half the market share for seedstock bulls in the commercial industry, straightbreeding of Angus has become ever more prevalent. This trend comes with good reason; Angus combines growth with calving ease, high marbling and high milk.

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“Ranching & Physics”

"Ranching & Physics"

Working Ranch Blog

There must be some sort of scientific law of physics that applies to ranching, and it must go something like this… “If at any point it seems that all hell is breaking loose, be sure to pull your hat down tighter because more wrecks than you can possible imagine occurring shall begin simultaneously starting immediately!”

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How Do You Define Quality on Your Operation?

How Do You Define Quality on Your Operation?

B. Lynn Gordon


Beef producers work hard to produce the safest, highest quality beef product in the world. However, there are constant challenges that impact the industry. From drought to high-input costs to changing regulations or protocols, beef producers are challenged to focus on quality parameters when producing beef.

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SW Mizzou tests find 11.5 percent of bulls ‘unsatisfactory’

SW Mizzou tests find 11.5 percent of bulls ‘unsatisfactory’

Progressive Cattleman

During the three bull breeding soundness exam clinics in southwest Missouri in early October, 11.5 percent of the 96 bulls were found to be unsatisfactory for breeding purposes.

“With the hot summer that extended into September it’s surprising that the fail rate wasn’t higher,” said Eldon Cole, a livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

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Brangus Provides New Selection Tools to Commercial Cattlemen

Brangus Provides New Selection Tools to Commercial Cattlemen


The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) continues to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology by providing tools for commercial cattlemen to assist in comparing the expected performance of Brangus sired offspring to that of other breeds.

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Plans underway for 2013 NCBA convention

Plans underway for 2013 NCBA convention

Cattle Today

Registration for the 2013 Cattle Industry Annual Convention and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Trade Show is underway. The 115th Annual Convention will be held in Tampa, Fla., Feb. 6-9, 2013, and advanced registration is open until Jan. 11, 2013.

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Kids learn with new Jr. Animal Scientist program

Kids learn with new Jr. Animal Scientist program

Bovine Veterinarian

The new Jr. Animal Scientist program helps kids learn more about science and the animal world. Kids ages 5 to 12 can explore science careers and study the lives of pets, farm animals and zoo animals.

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