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Weaning reduces pasture loss, cow stress heading into winter

Weaning reduces pasture loss, cow stress heading into winter

Jennifer Stewart

AG Answers

Now is the time for beef producers with spring-calving herds to complete weaning and consider calf marketing options, a Purdue Extension beef specialist says.

Timely calf weaning reduces cow energy needs and pasture stress, and allows pregnant cows time to gain weight heading into winter.

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Takin’ it to the Yards,  Safety Training Trailer

Takin’ it to the Yards,  Safety Training Trailer

Gordon  Moore

Working Ranch Magazine

The training trailer had become a reality only after members on TCFA’s safety committee acted on a vision they had.  The original thinking was to find a mobile means of providing safety training in the major areas of the multi-faceted feedlot industry.  While safety is just as important in feedyards as any other industry, the whole concept of safety training is relatively new in some yards.

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The Low Cost Vs. High Quality Debate

The Low Cost Vs. High Quality Debate

Troy Marshall


The cost side of the equation will always be important, but the top side or value part will determine profitability more and more going forward.

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Non-protein nitrogen in protein supplements for beef cows

Non-protein nitrogen in protein supplements for beef cows

Ken Olson

Tri-State Livestock News

Anybody that has been paying attention to commodity markets knows that feed costs are high, and they also know that protein feeds such as oilseed meals are disproportionately highest of all.

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Handling on the feedlot and in the plant

Handling on the feedlot and in the plant

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

Animal handling at the packing plant or the feedyard both follow the same basic principles. If you are training or monitoring feedlot employees, Temple Grandin, PhD, Colorado State University, offers advice on the key areas to emphasize.

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Future Veterinarians Get a Boost

Future Veterinarians Get a Boost

Virginia H. Harris

Progressive Farmer

"When you want to learn how to do something, you want to learn from the best," Brad Johnson says.

The Auburn University student makes no bones about what his two-week externship at Elgin Veterinary Hospital in Elgin, Texas, means for his post-graduation plans.

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Return of rains brings springlike pasture growth

Return of rains brings springlike pasture growth


Along with cooler fall temperatures, the return of precipitation after an extremely dry, hot summer has caused a springlike regrowth in area pastures that can mean some health risks for grazing cattle.

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Is Organic Beef Worth Cost?

Is Organic Beef Worth Cost?

Fox News

Organic beef has become increasingly popular over the past decade as health-conscious consumers realize it may be better for the body and better for the environment. But organic beef is usually much more expensive than conventional beef. With such high costs, is it really worth the price?

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The New North Dakota Beef Report.

The New North Dakota Beef Report.


Livestock feed has been the focus of considerable research at North Dakota State University in the past year.

Field peas, hull-less barley and distillers grains are among the potential beef cattle feeds they’ve studied.

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Pregnancy Check with a Blood Test

Pregnancy Check with a Blood Test

Heather Smith Thomas

Tri-State Livestock News

Over the years, several pregnancy tests have been developed using hormone measurements on an animal’s blood or by testing the milk. The one most commonly used today is a blood test developed by Dr. Garth Sasser at University of Idaho.

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