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Re-think MLV IBR Vaccines

Re-think MLV IBR Vaccines

 Jim Dickrell

Beef Today

Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) is a herpes virus. Like all herpes viruses, IBR can go into a latency phase within the animal’s brain. But when the animal is stressed with another shot of the live virus, the virus is reactivated, enters the blood stream and migrates to the ovaries and fast growing tissue like embryos and fetuses.

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Battle the Bad Bacteria, Your secret weapon? Ionophores

Battle the Bad Bacteria, Your secret weapon? Ionophores

Melissa Albertson

Working Ranch

As you consider all the different products available to help increase the performance for your herd, you can’t ignore the proven benefits of feeding ionophores: improved feed utilization, increased gain, prevention and control of coccidiosis, and cost effectiveness.

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Participate In The State Rate Of Gain Contest In Indianapolis

Participate In The State Rate Of Gain Contest In Indianapolis


Students attending the 2012 National FFA Convention in Indianapolis Oct. 2426 will have the opportunity to bring home the gold for their state. DigiStar will be hosting a state rate-of-gain contest featuring the StockWeigh 4600EID™.

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Vet urges to check nitrate, prussic acid levels in forages

Vet urges to check nitrate, prussic acid levels in forages

Bovine Veterinarian

Topsy-turvy weather this summer and fall posed plenty of challenges for livestock producers – one of which is the possibility of increased nitrate and prussic acid levels in forages, according to Kansas State University veterinarian, Larry Hollis.

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The Right Genetics Program Can Open Markets

The Right Genetics Program Can Open Markets

Mark Parker

Progressive Farmer

When your investment portfolio is a cow herd, risk management can be a big challenge.

Angus breeder Matt Perrier, of Eureka, Kan., is spreading his risk by using genetics to diversify calf crop marketability. He believes this is one way commercial beef producers can have that all-important market hedge.

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Hunger for grass-fed beef grows, but grain-fed still rules market

Hunger for grass-fed beef grows, but grain-fed still rules market


York Daily Record/Sunday News

Lisa A. Mansperger gripped a cattle show stick in one hand as she hiked in a pair of muddy Nikes along a temporary fence separating her pastures.

Mansperger owns M&M Farm in Codorus Township, where she raises grass-fed beef. She has about 40 head of cattle, a few of which are angus that her children raise for 4-H.

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Optimize Gain in Cattle

Optimize Gain in Cattle

Kim Watson Potts

Beef Today

As feed costs continue to climb, feeding cattle has become a challenge and every efficiency that is gained while calves are on feed helps reduce an operation’s overall feed costs.

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