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Plan in advance to minimize stress on stockers

Plan in advance to minimize stress on stockers

Dr. Brandi Bourg Karisch

Cattle Today

As we enter the beginning of fall, and temperatures begin to cool, many producers are looking toward preparing for winter grazing and receiving stocker calves. One thing that is very important is to have a plan in place for receiving new loads of cattle.

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Animal abuse is livestock industry’s Achilles heel

Animal abuse is livestock industry’s Achilles heel

Greg Henderson

Bovine Veterinarian

Somewhere in America today an animal rights activist lurks on a farm with a hidden camera. It’s hardly a secret. Indeed, the activists groups have repeatedly told us hidden cameras are their most successful tactic and they’ll continue to use them.

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Breeding for Black Baldies

Breeding for Black Baldies

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Calf color is dependent on the genes that come from both parents, and white faces on Herefords are dominant, creating the black baldie.

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Agricultural Leaders Have a Willingness to Serve

Agricultural Leaders Have a Willingness to Serve

B. Lynn Gordon


Have you ever wondered why people involved in agriculture give back to their industry by serving in leadership roles when their plate is already very full with daily commitments to their farming/ranching operation? They have chores to do, feed to grind, fence to fix, and cows to manage, not to mention the additional responsibilities to their families and their communities.

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Plum Island lab ‘is here to protect the nation’

Plum Island lab ‘is here to protect the nation’

Judy Benson

The Day

Just off the southeast shore of Plum Island last week, a dozen or so harbor seals perched in poses mimicking phases of the moon on sea-weathered rocks, while others poked heads out of the dark waters, all turning toward the low, sandy cliff along the beach to a small group gathered on the flat meadow above.

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Sharing an ag experience

Sharing an ag experience

Mavis Fodness

Pipestone County Star

A seasoned beef producer shared a lifetime of experience with the next generation of cattle growers Saturday, Oct. 6, at a Pasture Profitability Field Day east of Edgerton.

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County Agent is first stop for ag information

County Agent is first stop for ag information

Floyd Ingram

Chickasaw Journal

The County Agent is supposed to be able to help farmers do everything except make it rain.

Chickasaw County Extension Agent Scott Cagle said his office is usually the first stop for big farmers with concerns about their crops and homeowners looking to improve their lawn.

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Continuously improving beef’s sustainability

Continuously improving beef’s sustainability

Kimberly R. Stackhouse

National Provisioner

Sustainability has become a common word at business meetings across the country, and it is rapidly becoming an expectation for today’s production systems. However, the definition of sustainable often differs across industry, academic and business circles.

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25 Things I Want My Ranch Kids to Know

25 Things I Want My Ranch Kids to Know

The Sagebrush Sea

1. You have chores, because we love you.

They seem tedious, but they are the building blocks for your future.  Responsibility, accountability, and basic life skills begin with sweeping the floor, scrubbing the toilet, and feeding pets and livestock.  We love you, we want you to find success in life.  Success comes from preparation, so we give you chores.

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ATI dedicates beef cattle handling facility designed by Temple Grandin

ATI dedicates beef cattle handling facility designed by Temple Grandin


Farm and Dairy

The Ohio State University’s Agricultural Technical Institute dedicated its new, state-of-the-art beef cattle handling facility Oct. 12. It is the first of its kind in Ohio.

Six people participated in the official ribbon cutting, with sophomore Emily Painter of Frazeysburg doing the honors.

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