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Wheat pasture can provide cow grazing benefits

Wheat pasture can provide cow grazing benefits

Donald Stotts


Assuming more rainfall comes to Oklahoma and Southern Plains states in the weeks ahead, wheat pasture is likely to be a key source of protein and energy for cow herds by late November and early December.

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Well planned shipping today eliminates stress

Well planned shipping today eliminates stress

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Shipping day is an important event for most operations. Variable factors can play a role for the amount of stress placed on each operation during this time. Moving cattle around, planning trucks and determining value all lead to things that can weigh heavily on the mind of most ranchers.

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N.D. Animal Stewards battle Measure 5

N.D. Animal Stewards battle Measure 5

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

The proposed ballot initiative is being pushed by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), which is rankling North Dakotans who believe the state’s own citizens and animal experts should decide what is best for animal care in the state, and not outside special interest groups.

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The $100,000 Accident

The $100,000 Accident

Boyd Kidwell

Progressive Farmer

Steve Knoll, of Hereford, Texas, had one run-in with BVD several years ago that he figures cost him $100,000. Today the Angus breeder says he’s doing everything possible to protect his cattle against the disease.

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Watch for acorn poisoning

Watch for acorn poisoning

James B. Neel

University of Tennessee

Producers may encounter sick and/or dead cows or calves if they have access to oaks and are eating acorns. The poisoning develops about 4 days after an animal has eaten a large amount of acorns. The problem may affect a high percentage of the herd during an "acorn year" when dry weather causes poor quality grazing.

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Japan easing restrictions on U.S. beef

Japan easing restrictions on U.S. beef

Aya Takada


Japan, Asia’s largest beef importer, will consider taking additional steps after easing restrictions on U.S. shipments, widening opportunities for exporters such as Tyson Foods while ensuring supply to local retailers.

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Workshop covers drought management

Workshop covers drought management


Ranchers: What would you give to know 30, 40 or 60 days ahead of time that your livestock herd was going to run out of grass? Would you give one-and-a-half days of your time?

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Bedding Boosts Cattle Feedlot Performance

Bedding Boosts Cattle Feedlot Performance

Scott Laudert


Cattle fed in bedded confinement facilities had improved feedlot performance compared to cattle fed in open lots, according to records analyzed by Iowa State University and Land O’Lakes Purina animal scientists.

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Pick Your PVP, Process Verified Program, that is

Pick Your PVP, Process Verified Program, that is

Merridee Wells

Working Ranch

Process Verified Programs, or PVP’s as they are commonly called, are another of the many new-fangled phrases which are becoming commonplace in our cattle industry today

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Quality Beef program can return more dollars

Quality Beef program can return more dollars

University of Missouri

“The current prime quality grade premium is $28 per hundredweight,” said Mike Kasten, speaking on “Quality Beef by the Numbers.” On an 800-pound carcass, that adds $224 above market price paid by packing plants.

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