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Value the Vaccination – This is one procedure you don’t want to mess up

Value the Vaccination – This is one procedure you don’t want to mess up

Loretta Sorenson

Working Ranch

Injecting vaccine into a calf doesn’t necessarily mean the animal receives maximum protection from disease. At numerous points between when the vaccine leaves the supplier and when it enters the animal, quality and effectiveness of the shot can be reduced if it’s not handled carefully.

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Cow Nutrition During Early Gestation Is Important

Cow Nutrition During Early Gestation Is Important

Heather Smith Thomas       


The importance of a dam’s early-gestation nutrition, both for the short and long term, is drawing a lot more attention.

Early gestation is when the placenta, which carries nutrients to the fetus, develops; it’s also when the vital organs develop.

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Timing matters in sick cattle evaluation

Timing matters in sick cattle evaluation

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

A sick feedlot steers tends to stay away from the jostling that occurs at the bunk. There are a lot of factors involved in evaluation feedlot cattle for sickness, such as depression, temperature, rumen fill and the rest of the clinical picture. Other factors can also enhance or hinder evaluation of cattle.

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SD beef plant pays off most liens filed against it

SD beef plant pays off most liens filed against it


The American News reports the paid-off liens total just under $14 million and include some filed before Korean investors took over in 2009. The remaining lien was filed by a Huron excavation company seeking $2.1 million. It is still tied up in the courts.

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Effects of a Freeze on Forages

Effects of a Freeze on Forages

Bruce Anderson

Beef Today

If you haven’t experienced a freeze yet this fall, you soon will. When plants freeze, changes occur in their metabolism and composition that can poison livestock. But you can prevent problems.

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Scientists say cattle shots, cleaner feed and radiation would make meat safer

Scientists say cattle shots, cleaner feed and radiation would make meat safer

Chris Purdy

Winnipeg Free Press

Researchers believe shooting an E. coli vaccine into cattle, mixing probiotics into feed and zapping boxes of ground beef with radiation are preventative methods the industry should be using to keep the bacteria out of the food chain.

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Presence of Aflatoxin in Corn Not Viewed as Widespread

Presence of Aflatoxin in Corn Not Viewed as Widespread

George C. Ford


Grain elevators in Eastern Iowa are testing for the presence of a toxin in corn that could create another headache for farmers already dealing with the worst drought in 56 years.

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Think You Can Outsmart A Cow?

Think You Can Outsmart A Cow?


Helfrich said “Having an understanding of how cattle move and behave will help players capture the cattle, but the importance of this information is the helping of ranchers better manage their herds, therefore being more productive, is the real benefit.”

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Take the time to teach

Take the time to teach

Kurt Vogel

The National Provisioner

Transparency of slaughter operations is crucial, but without proper understanding and preparation around the process, consumers could react negatively.

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Feedlots eye hay as way to save

Feedlots eye hay as way to save

Barb Glen

Western Producer

Several Alberta feedlots plan to replace silage with hay in some rations to reduce high feed costs.

Barry Yaremcio, a beef and forage specialist with Alberta Agriculture, said western Canadian hay is moving east to drought-stricken provinces and south to the United States, but some feedlots in Alberta are paying $60 to $70 a ton for the feed.

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